Do Dogs Get Mad if They Smell Other Dogs On You

Do Dogs Get Mad if They Smell Other Dogs On You

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: Jun 28 2023


Our dogs can sometimes act very weird. We love giving our dogs some human characteristics, and in some cases, we overdo it. However, our dogs have feelings. They feel love; they can be scared, disgusted, surprised, and according to some studies - jealous. We noticed that our dogs acted strangely after we came home smelling like other dogs. It seemed like our dog was getting jealous or even a bit mad.

Naturally, we started to wonder, can dogs get mad if they smell other dogs on you? Or is it something we were reading too much into and misunderstood? Well, here’s what you should know.

Can dogs smell other dogs on me?

The first thing we wanted to know was whether dogs could actually smell other dogs on our clothes or hands. Dogs have a sense of smell that can be 100.000 times more sensitive than ours.

Smelling is their primary way of discovering and communicating with the environment around them. Since dogs leave a scent, we learned that our dog can indeed smell other dogs on us.

If you’re a canine kingdom insider, you probably know dogs can perform different tasks and jobs we entrust them or their noses. Dogs can detect narcotics, explosives, currency, chemicals, and all sorts of things people might try to bring in a country illegally or ship through the mail.

Dogs can even detect illnesses like cancer or diabetes. You shouldn’t be surprised that a strange dog leaves a scent on your clothes if you pet them.

dissappointed labrador

Smelling other dogs is something our dogs are used to. It comes naturally to them, and they have no problem picking up a scent from clothes. If dogs can track a wild animal that left a scent hours ago, you shouldn’t be surprised your dog can smell other dogs on you.

Can dogs get mad?

The short answer is - yes. Dogs can get mad. However, dogs process and feel emotions differently than we do. Our getting mad and their getting mad are two different things. It is entirely possible that your dog gets annoyed or mad. However, dogs do not associate blame the same as we do. Some studies suggest that dogs don’t get mad. What we interpret as mad is more likely frustration, annoyance, fear, or disappointment.

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Can my dog be mad at me?

Here is another piece of good news - dogs don’t get mad at us. They might be disappointed or annoyed, but they will not be mad. You can be sure your dog is not developing any type of content towards you, nor are they grumpy animals that will remember everything bad you ever did to them. Dogs express their emotions as they experience them.

If your dog gets mad, it will be a short burst of emotions, and you can be sure the dog will not hesitate to let you know. In most cases, dog owners know exactly why their dogs are mad.


What triggers dogs to get mad?

Dogs don’t get angry that often. It is just another amazing thing about them. Imagine having a life where you’re never getting angry. Dogs are more about love and less about war. However, some things could potentially get them mad. Some examples are;

  • Strangers pet them too hard
  • Other dogs steal their toys
  • Can’t get to their objects of desire, like a toy or a treat

Why do dogs act mad when they smell other dogs on us?

Many dogs act as if they are mad when they smell other dogs on us. However, they are not mad. They might be jealous. There is a study performed by Dr. Christine Harris where she proved dogs can get jealous. She introduced stuffed dog toys and had dog owners pet these toys in front of their dogs. 72% of their dogs showed jealousy by snapping or pushing the toy away.

How long will a dog stay mad at me?

Again, dogs don’t hold grudges. If your dog is mad at you, as soon as you stop doing the thing that is making them mad, they will stop being mad. They live in the moment and don’t like being in a bad mood. They are more lovers than fighters.

What to do if my dog smells other dogs on me?

There are a few things you can do to ease your dog’s anger, anxiety, jealousy, or whatever they might feel. Make sure you give your dog lots of attention. Don’t deny them the chance to sniff you thoroughly. Sometimes, it is impossible to influence your dog’s feelings, and you simply have to let them go through their emotions at their pace. You can always bribe them with delicious treats, toys, or playtime.

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