What Can You Do if Your Dog Gets Lost

What Can You Do if Your Dog Gets Lost

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There is nothing worse for a dog parent than losing their dogs. Most accidents like this happen through no fault of our own. Dogs can get spooked, scared, or simply wonder of. A second is all it takes, and your furry best friend can get lost. There will be a million things running through your mind, but the main thing to do is remain as calm as possible and get into action. Here are a few things you can do if your dog gets lost.

1. Make yourself available

You should start posting your phone number everywhere you can, and you have to be sure you will answer the phone once it rings. There is nothing more important than your dog’s life, and if someone spots them, you should react immediately. Time is of the essence when you are dealing with a lost dog scenario, and you should have a working phone number you will answer.

2. Social media

Social media is great for many different things, and this is precisely something social media can help you with. Get in touch with animal lover groups from your local area and start posting. Let them know what happened and send them the clearest picture of your dog. Make sure you include a detailed description, your dog’s name, and any other detail that will help identify your dog.

3. Print flyers

Many of your neighbors are not on social media or do not follow the groups where you posted information about your dog. Another thing you can do that can help people find and identify your dog is print flyers. Nothing beats a good old printed flyer with your dog’s picture and information on it. Make sure you post flyers all over your neighborhood and don’t forget to include your phone number.

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4. Include a reward

Unfortunately, money is a great motivator. If you include a nice reward for someone that found your dog, it can motivate people to actively look for your pet. You mustn’t skimp on the amount because offering too little will not make it worth anybody’s while. Plus, most dog owners would give any amount of money to get their beloved dog back.

5. Animal control

Most cities have local animal controls that might be of your assistance. If anyone reports a stray dog, animal control goes out and tries to locate the animal. Someone may report your missing dog as a stray, so animal control might catch them. Call them every day and ask if there were any reports of dogs you might want to lead up on.

6. Rescue groups and shelters

If someone picked up your dog, they might have turned them to a shelter or a rescue group. One of the best things you can do is to check with your local shelters and rescue groups. They deal with a large number of pets every day, so you should be on top of the exact animals that come and go.

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Some shelters might tell you they will let you know, but we wouldn’t count on that. As we said, they deal with a large number of lost or rescued dogs, so it is possible your dog might slip their mind. You should also visit shelters every day, so you are still on top of things even if nobody notifies you.

USEFUL TIP: Every time you call a shelter or a rescue, ask if the person you are speaking to knows where else you could check. Different people might have different leads, so it is worth checking with different employees or volunteers.

7. Local TV, radio, and newspaper

You should make sure you cover every possible channel and make sure your lost dog reaches every person in your neighborhood or city. Call your local newspapers and ask them to run an ad about your lost dog. You can do the same with your local radio and TV stations. Even if you have to pay for an ad spot, it might be worth your while to get your dog back.

8. Vet

Get in touch with your vet as well as other local vets and animal hospitals. Someone might have brought your dog in or called a vet to help them find the dog’s owner. Also, you can leave some flyers in the clinic in case someone has any information.

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9. Search your neighborhood

Search your neighborhood like you never searched anything before. Talk to mailmen, children, garbage collectors, or anyone that might have any information. Look in drains, under porches, parked cars, and any place a scared animal might look for security. Your dog is not used to being all alone, so make sure you cover every nook and cranny you can. Plus, if you don’t do that, you will never stop wondering if there is anything more you could have done to find your pet.

In conclusion

Dealing with a lost dog situation is highly stressful and scary. Instead of feeling sorry for your dog, the best thing you can do is jump into action. Give people in your neighborhood all possible chances to find your dog. Help them look and make sure you motivate them with a worthy reward.

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