Best 3 Dog Repellent Sprays That Actually Works

Best 3 Dog Repellent Sprays That Actually Works

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: May 15 2023


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There is nothing worse than feeling helpless. If you ever walked your dog and an unleashed aggressive dog came after you and your dog, you know the feeling. Even if you are a perfect dog owner who trained and socialized their dog, you can still find yourself in some unpleasant situations. Dogs that are territorial or aggressive might charge at you, and if you don’t have a safe place where you can place your dog, things might escalate quickly.

Some of the things dog owners might have are dog repellent or dog deterrent sprays. Mind you, spraying someone else’s dog with pepper spray should be the last option, but it can become the only option that will keep your child, your dog, and yourself safe. Here are some things you should know about dog repellent sprays.

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Types of dog repellents

There are two types of dog deterrent sprays - pepper spray and citronella spray. These two products are different and will have a different physical effects on the aggressive dog coming at you. However, their primary purpose is to stop the dog from charging and attacking your dog or you.

Pepper spray vs. citronella spray

While both of these sprays have the same purpose, they are vastly different when it comes to the physical effects they have on sprayed dogs. Citronella spray is a lot more humane.

Pepper spray

Pepper spray is very painful. Even the one developed specifically for dogs has between 2 and 5 million on the Scoville Scale of hotness. For example, a habanero pepper, one of the hottest spices, has only 150 thousand on the Scoville Scale. Pepper spray will burn the dog’s eyes and soft mucus membranes in the nose and mouth. Its effects last about 30 - 45 minutes, and the dog will be absolutely miserable during that time.

Citronella spray

This type of dog repellent spray is a lot better, in our opinion. It is just as effective as dog pepper spray but doesn’t cause excruciating pain. Mind you, both types will not leave long-term physical consequences, but the charging dog will remember the incident pretty well. Citronella spray has a larger range, and there is less chance of the spray blowing back into your eyes or skin.

Now that you know the essential difference between these dog repellent sprays, here are our top recommendations for dog deterrent sprays.

PetSafe SprayShield Animal Deterrent

Our top pick for dog repellent spray is the PetSafe SprayShield Animal Deterrent. This is a citronella spray that won’t burn or harm the dog for as long as a pepper spray would. Citronella has a terrible scent to dogs, and it is used in different repellents (bugs, mosquitoes, and various oils). This is considered as safe and as humane as it gets, although spraying this dog deterrent spray should always be used as a last resort.

  • Effective
  • More humane than pepper spray
  • Belt clip
  • 10-feet range
  • Truly aggressive dogs and those determined enough will go through this spray

SABRE Dog Spray

If you live in a neighborhood with aggressive dogs that are often kept off-leash, you might need something a bit stronger than citronella spray. Luckily, the SABRE Dog Spray is available for you. This is a pepper spray dog repellent, and it is as powerful as the law allows. There is no denying it is effective, but you need to be careful not to get any spray on you or your dog. This dog deterrent has a 4-year shelf life and can spray up to 12 feet in a single line.

  • Precise
  • Powerful
  • Effective
  • Belt clip
  • Safety lock
  • Pepper spray
  • Potential blowback
  • Some owners reported a very weak spray stream and a short effective range

HALT 91427 Dog Repellent

The HALT 91427 Dog Repellent is the dog repellent spray of choice for the US postal service. They highly recommend it and boost its effectiveness. This is a pepper spray, so you will have to be careful when you use it. It is very powerful, and owners that reported this dog deterrent got in their eyes have described extreme pain and burning sensation. Keep in mind that a dog would feel the same, and use this dog repellent spray as a last resort of defending yourself and your dog.

  • Very effective
  • Belt clip
  • Small package
  • Extremely painful
  • Chance of blowback

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