Is Zylkene for Dogs Worth It?

Is Zylkene for Dogs Worth It?

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Like humans, dogs can feel stressed or anxious. It is entirely natural we want to help them deal with these feelings, but many dog owners have no idea how to do that or where to start looking. One of the things you can try is an anti-anxiety medication. It is not necessarily the first thing you might want to try, but it is certainly an option. One of these medications is Zylkene for dogs. If you think about trying it, here is a bit more information about it.

What is Zylkene for dogs?

Zylkene can be best described as a natural stress reliever for dogs. It contains an active ingredient found in milk, and it will affect your dog brain and reduce their levels of stress or anxiety. A great thing about this product is that it can be used as a short-term or long-term solution, depending on your dog’s issues and anxieties. Plus, vets prefer using natural stress relievers over synthetic ones.

PRO TIP: Medications alone are never the best answer to dealing with a dog’s stress or anxiety. You should combine this product with a healthy training and exercise schedule for the best possible results.

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Is Zylkene worth it?

Many dog owners swear on Zylkene’s effectiveness, but we wanted to dig a little bit deeper and see if this product is worth our money. Before you decide to order it, there are two questions you should ask yourself;

  • Will Zylkene help my dog?
  • Is Zylkene safe to use?

To get the best possible answer, we will try to answer these questions for you.

Will Zylkene help my dog?

As we know, dogs can get stressed over different things. Situations we might not consider stressful might cause your dog all sorts of problems. Since this is not a controlled substance or medication, the manufacturer didn’t have to organize a study to prove its effectiveness. If they had to do it, we would have easily measurable and understandable results. Instead, we have to rely on dog owner reviews and advice.

The two largest online retailers for pets - Chewy and Amazon, have quite descriptive reviews. Both give this product 4 out of 5 stars, and here are some things dog owners say about this product;

This supplement has changed my dog’s life. My dog became more and more anxious over the years. He was scared of his own shadow. We tried several different meds and supplements. On the second day of using this, he started to relax. Now, after almost a month, he has started to join the family again. He has started to play again. He’s finally happy again. Thank you for giving me my dog back.”

Around 60% of reviews are excellent. Owners are extremely happy and have only great things to say about Zylkene. However, some say it hasn’t helped their dog one bit. Their dogs were not better than they were before they used Zylkene.

That means that Zylkene has different effects on different dogs. You might not know will it help your dog if you do not try it.

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Is Zylkene safe to use?

The second most important question is - Is Zylkene safe to use? It makes no sense to give your dog something that will help them deal with stress or anxiety by knocking them out. Luckily, Zylkene is not a sedative that will completely make your dog drowsy and sedated. It is a natural product that stimulates the dog’s brain in a completely natural and benign way. Plus, this product has little to no known side effects. In extremely rare cases, dogs might vomit or get mild diarrhea. That means this is an extremely safe product.

One of the most common types of anxiety in dogs is separation anxiety. You can read more about it here - Separation anxiety in dogs.

Where can I order Zylkene for dogs?

If you decide you might give this product a try, you should talk to your vet first. Ask if they think Zylkene is a good option for your dog. Ask for their advice and guidance for using this product. The exact dosage of Zylkene is printed on the package, but just to make sure, ask your vet about it.

If you want to use it, you should know you can get it on Chewy. Different sizes are available, so make sure you don’t get the wrong one.

The verdict

Unfortunately, it is impossible to know how your dog might react to Zylkene. Some dogs take it really well, and some seem to notice no effect. Dog owners that tried this product were nearly out of options, so they decided to try it. Who knows, you might solve all your dog’s stress or anxiety problems with it.

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