Yunnan Baiyao For Dogs: Usage, Dosage, and Side Effects

Yunnan Baiyao For Dogs: Usage, Dosage, and Side Effects

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Eastern medicine is becoming more popular for the past 100 years. Many Asians made their way to western countries, bringing traditional eastern medicine with them. There are many different supplements and ingredients that eastern medicine uses we are not familiar with. One of those miracle medicines is Yunnan Baiyao. If you heard about this medication or someone advised you use it for your dog, here are the most important things you should know about Yunnan Baiyao for dogs.

What is Yunnan Baiyao?

The first time Americans learned about Yunnan Baiyao was in the Vietnam War. They noticed Vietnamese soldiers carried medication they used to stop bleeding after being injured in battles. Naturally, American soldiers brought it home with them. After many Chinese migrated to the US, the drug became more popular.

One of the issues we have with Yunnan Baiyao is its secret recipe, kind of like Coca-Cola. However, Coca-Cola doesn’t claim to have miraculous health benefits. The production is entirely done in a state-run factory in Yunnan, China. According to Wikipedia, the company’s website said;

“...progesterone is in the formula, in addition to several saponins, alkaloids, and calcium phosphate.  The separate herbal ingredients are reportedly made up by thirteen separate teams, none of whom have any knowledge of the ingredients the other teams are mixing. The individual mixed components are then combined by a further team, who have no knowledge of what constitutes them but know the proportions in which they are combined.”

Is it safe for dogs?

One of the first things you should ask your vet if you’re thinking about experimenting with Yunnan Baiyao is, “Is Yunnan Baiyao safe for my dog?” Here’s the first problem we encounter. Technically, Yunnan Baiyao is safe for dogs. That means there’s nothing that will cause toxicity to dogs. However, its efficiency is a different question. Some vets use it in their practice, and some don’t. There was only one research done that included 8 healthy dogs. The study concluded there is no significant difference or benefits of Yunnan Baiyao for dogs. Again, the problem is that the research included healthy dogs. Its safety and effectiveness were not tested in sick dogs.

What is Yunnan Baiyao used for?

You should know that Yunnan Baiyao is only approved for human use. In humans, it is used to support the nervous and immune systems, stop bleeding, relieve muscle pain, etc. However, these uses were not approved for dogs. In fact, the FDA has not approved Yunnan Baiyao use for dogs or any other animal. Nevertheless, some vets still prescribe it and claim it is effective in some conditions. Some of those conditions are;

  • Hemangiosarcoma of the liver, spleen, or heart in dogs
  • Bleeding bladder tumors in dogs

This is the second problem with Yunnan Baiyao for dogs. It is prescribed in terminal situations, so its effects cannot be accurately measured.

FUN FACT: Some Chinese doctors claim Yunnan Baiyao has miraculous properties. They stated it can be used as cancer and anti-inflammatory medicine. Naturally, those claims have not been verified.

Yunnan Baiyao side effects

Yunnan Baiyao might come from eastern medicine, but it is still a drug that contains various ingredients. They might be considered safe for dogs, but they can still cause adverse reactions and side effects. Since there are no long-term studies of Yunnan Baiyao’s effect on dogs, we still have no idea how it will actually affect pets. Here are some of the most common Yunnan Baiyao side effects in dogs;

Some dogs have shown signs of Yunnan Baiyao allergies. If that happens to your dog, you should immediately stop giving this medication to them and call your vet.

Yunnan Baiyao dosage for dogs

The first thing you should do is talk to your vet about using Yunnan Baiyao on your dog. The vet will tell you their opinion, and most vets would advise against using a medication with unknown ingredients and questionable success. However, if they believe Yunnan Baiyao is a viable choice for your dog, they might tell you to use it. The most common dosage is 0,25 grams (1 capsule) per 20 pounds. However, there is some controversy about the duration of the Yunnan Baiyao treatment. Some vets say it should be used only 3 - 5 days, and some say it can be used up to 15 days. It all comes down to whether you believe your vet knows what they’re doing.

Where can I buy Yunnan Baiyao?

You can buy Yunnan Baiyao in Walmart. We are not entirely sure if online options are available in the US. It is best to talk to your vet and ask them where you should buy this product. You should know there are many replicas and fake Yunnan Baiyao products, so make sure you don’t get something that might be toxic to your dog.

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