Is Vetprofen for Dogs Effective?

Is Vetprofen for Dogs Effective?

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Dogs feel pain the same way humans do; the only difference - they cannot tell anyone about it. If your dog is in pain, you want to help them deal with it. One of the ways you can do that is by giving them Vetprofen. This medication will help ease your dog’s pain, and there are unique situations when vets prescribe this medication. Before you start self-medicating your dog, there are a few things you should know about Vetprofen for dogs.

What is Vetprofen?

Vetprofen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug or NSAID that is specially developed for animal use. It is a medication that will help your dog deal with pain. The active ingredient in Vetprofen is carprofen. You can read more about carprofen here - Carprofen for dogs. Vetprofen is a brand, and it is produced by an American company called Belcher Pharmaceuticals in Florida.

SAFETY NOTICE: Vetprofen is a prescription drug. That means you cannot get it without a prescription from a licensed vet.

Is Vetprofen effective?

One of the main things dog owners want to know about Vetprofen is, “Is it effective?” Giving your dog pain medication that will not help ease their pain makes no sense. It is no wonder many dog owners ask this question. The good news is that Vetprofen is very effective.

Before a controlled substance gets approved by the FDA, the manufacturer must prove their new medication is effective. Belcher Pharmaceuticals organized studies that will prove their drug’s effectiveness. The main focus of the research was dogs with osteoarthritis and post-operative pain. After the dogs were treated with Vetprofen, they showed significant signs of improvement in their motion, lameness, and overall pain levels. That is proof that this drug is effective against pain in dogs.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Vets usually prescribe this drug in case of severe osteoarthritis and post-operative pains; exactly what the manufacturer tested and proved its effectiveness

Is it safe?

Other than questioning the drug’s effectiveness, most dog owners want to know whether the drug is safe. Whenever you have to medicate your dog, it is always the question of risk and reward. If your dog is dealing with a small amount of pain, you are not willing to risk adverse reactions and side effects the drug might cause. However, if dogs deal with a lot of pain, dog owners are willing to risk it. In both cases, one question remains, “Is it safe?”

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The good news is that Vetprofen is considered a safe medication. It is effective, and dogs usually take it without any problems. Those who react to it usually resolve the reaction after 24 hours or when the drug is not given to them anymore.

Vetprofen side effects

After the effectiveness and safety questions, most of us want to know what side effects are possible. We are interested in them simply to know what we have to look out for in our own dogs. We must be prepared so if anything happens, we can react quickly and adequately. The most common Vetprofen side effects are;

  • Appetite change (decrease or increase)
  • Diarrhea
  • Black, tarry stool
  • Jaundice
  • Behavioral changes
  • Seizures
  • Incoordination
  • Urination changes (decreased, increased, discoloration)
  • Increased or decreased thirst

Severe side effects are extremely rare, but it would be best to stop giving the medication to the dog immediately if they do happen. Another possible issue can be an allergic reaction. Dogs can be allergic to the active ingredient in Vetprofen - carprofen. If you notice your dog’s skin getting red, itchy, or they started heaving, wheezing, sneezing, and their face started swelling, you should stop giving the drug immediately and call your vet.

How is Vetprofen given?

The exact administration frequency should be determined by your vet. Dogs can have different reactions to it, or they can be more or less susceptible. Your vet knows your dog best, and they will know how to determine the details about your dog’s meds.

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Vetprofen comes in the form of tablets and can be given with or without food. If your dog vomits after taking this drug, you should give the next dosage with a bit of food. Dogs should take this medication once or twice daily.

Vetprofen dosage

The exact dosage of Vetprofen is another thing that will be determined by your vet. Depending on your dog’s pain source, the vet can decide on a smaller or a larger dosage. However, the usual Vetprofen dosage is 2 milligrams per pound of bodyweight for once-a-day administration or 1 milligram per pound of bodyweight for twice-a-day administration.

Where can I get it?

As we already mentioned earlier, Vetprofen can only be prescribed by a licensed vet. You cannot simply go to a pet pharmacy and ask for it, as you would for Aspirin. If your vet writes you a prescription, you can get it in your local pet pharmacy. If you prefer online ordering, you can get the generic version of the painkiller on Chewy’s online pharmacy.

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