Will Vetmedin Help My Dog?

Will Vetmedin Help My Dog?

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Like humans, dogs can have heart issues, especially in the latter stages of their life. Most dog owners will do anything they can to prolong their pet’s life, and one of the medications the vet might prescribe your dog is called Vetmedin. If you are like us, you’d probably want to know more about meds your dog has to take. Here’s what you should know about Vemedin.

What is Vetmedin?

Vetmedin is a canine heart medication that is prescribed to dogs with heart disease. This medication is based on an active ingredient called pimobendan, which aims to widen the arteries leading to and from the heart. By doing that, this drug will lower the load the dog’s heart has to carry. It can pump a lot weaker and the blood will still reach all the parts of the sick dog’s body.

The second thing this drug will do for a sick dog is it will strengthen their heart muscle. By achieving that, the dog’s heart will become stronger and will longer work properly.

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When is it prescribed to dogs?

Vetmedin for dogs will be prescribed by a vet in two cases;

Vets will prescribe this medication even if the dog is not showing symptoms of these diseases, but issues like an enlarged heart are uncovered. In that case, Vetmedin will be used to delay the heart failure and keep the dog’s cardiovascular system working as best as possible.

Is it effective?

Both of these diseases are extremely dangerous and deadly. In the case of DCM, dogs live anywhere from 3 - 24 months, depending on how well they react to the treatment. In the case of MVD, dogs live on average less than 1 year. It is clear to see that these diseases are not to be taken lightly, and dogs should be treated right away.

When it comes to the effectiveness of Vetmedin, we can only talk about prolonging the dog’s life. This medication will not completely get rid of the disease. Still, it will extend your dog’s life significantly and make it as comfortable as possible. For example, if a dog is diagnosed with DCM and the prognosis is they have 3 months to live, Vetmedin can give you additional few months with your beloved pet. That might not seem like much, but getting extra time with your dog is all you could ask for in cases of DCM or MVD. When you look at it from that standpoint, Vetmedin can be considered very effective.

When will it start working?

Many dog owners ask the same question, “When will Vetmedin start working?” The best possible answer is - it depends. Some dogs react to it sooner, and some take a bit of time. However, most dogs show clinical improvements after about 1 week of using it. The good news is that the sick dog will show more improvements over the next following weeks.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The overall wellbeing of the dog and their reaction to Vetmedin will depend on how early these two diseases are discovered. Dogs with the most aggressive forms of the disease still have a horrible prognosis.

Is it safe?

The second question dog owners want to be answered is, “Is Vetmedin safe for my dog?” Generally, dogs react pretty well to Vetmedin. Still, like any other drug, it comes with potential side effects dog owners should be aware of. The most common Vetmedin side effects are;

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Side effects are possible, but most dogs do not develop severe side effects. They might feel a bit down or lethargic initially, but most dogs take Vetmedin without any issues. Plus, in the cases of these diseases, enduring some side effects might be worth it.

How is Vetmedin given to dogs?

The best way to make sure you are giving your dog the correct Vetmedin dosages is to follow your vet’s instructions. They know your dog’s exact medical situation and will know why they prescribed the dosage they prescribed. In general, Vetmedin is given twice a day, about an hour before the meal, on an empty stomach. There should be a 12-hour gap between the two doses. However, some cases might require different dosages, so make sure you follow the vet’s instructions to the dot.

How long will dogs have to take Vetmedin?

Unfortunately, Vetmedin is usually prescribed in cases of these two terrible diseases. That means that the diagnosed dog will have to take it for the rest of their lives. Dogs will need this medication to keep their cardiovascular system running smoothly for as long as possible. Still, the most important thing the drug will do is postpone congenital heart failure. Plus, if dogs are prescribed before they show clinical signs of the disease, it might prolong the symptom-free period.

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