Temaril-P Safe for Dogs - All You Need To Know

Temaril-P Safe for Dogs - All You Need To Know

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: Jul 03 2023


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Like humans, dogs can be susceptible to different skin issues and coughs. These problems are rarely deadly, but they sure make your dog’s life a lot tougher and uncomfortable. Some of these issues can be caused by kennel cough, eczema, and parasitic infestations. Luckily, modern veterinary medicine has many drugs that can help our dogs deal with these issues.

One of these drugs is Temaril-P. If your vet prescribed Temaril-P to your dog, it is absolutely normal you want to learn more about it and its effects. Here’s what you should know.

What is Temaril-P?

Temaril-P is a medication that combines antihistamines with corticosteroids. It is used for treating itchiness and suppressing coughs of various origins. This specific medication was developed to decrease the use of prednisone for dogs. Temaril-P is approved by the FDA for dogs, but it is also often prescribed off-label to cats. This is not an uncommon practice in veterinary medicine.

Where can I get Temaril-P?

As mentioned, Temaril-P can only be prescribed by licensed vets, so if you think your dog can benefit from it, you should take them for a checkup. Have your vet examine your dog, and they will let you know if Temaril-P is a viable option for your dog. After you get the prescription, you can pick it up at your local pet pharmacy or order it online on Chewy. Here is the order link;

When is it prescribed?

Antihistamine and corticosteroids form potent drugs against itchiness and inflammation. The antihistamine will counteract the histamine produced by the dog’s body as an immune response to certain allergens, and corticosteroids will reduce inflammation by blocking the production of the substance that triggers the inflamed reaction.

This might sound a bit too complicated, but dog owners should remember that Temaril-P will help their dog with itchiness or cough. It is prescribed in these cases;

Temaril-P can be used in many cases of itchiness or cough. Your vet will know when to prescribe it to your dog, so you should stick to their instructions.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Temaril-P is a prescription-only medication, so you cannot simply pick it up at your local pet pharmacy. If you notice your dog has health issues like inflamed skin, itchiness, or coughing, take them to your vet, and they can prescribe Temaril-P.

Is it effective?

The first of the two most important questions dog owners want to know the answer to is this - “Is Temaril-P effective?” Naturally, we’d like to know how fast the drug will help our dog and how effective it really is. Giving your dog medication that won’t help them makes no sense.

bernese mountain dog

The good news is - Temaril-P is very effective. The medication should start taking effect 1 - 2 hours after initial administration, and clinical improvements should start showing soon. The dog will stop itching in a matter of hours, and further improvements should be visible. Of course, Temaril-P is a medication that will take care of the symptoms caused by reasons that should be dealt with differently.

That means that if your dog is itching because of internal parasites, Temaril-P will ease the itchiness, but it will not solve the cause. You should clear the reason the itchiness started in the first place.

Is Temaril-P safe for dogs?

The second crucial question dog owners want to know is, “Is Temaril-P safe for my dog?” This is another question most vets expect. Dog owners worry about their dog’s health and don’t want to give their dogs medications that can possibly hurt them.

However, no drug is 100% safe, and most of them can cause adverse reactions. Plus, Temaril-P should not be used for dogs with Cushing’s disease, pregnant and nursing dogs, or dogs with tuberculosis. Temaril-P is generally considered a safe drug, and dogs rarely have a bad reaction to it.

Temaril-P side effects

Like any other drug, Temaril-P can cause some side effects. They are a possibility, but that doesn’t mean your dog will develop any. The most common Temaril-P side effects are;

  • Sedation
  • Tremors
  • Depression
  • Restlessness
  • Weakness

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is not a medication that should be used long-term. Long-term corticosteroid exposure can have unwanted consequences like Cushing’s syndrome.

How is it given to dogs?

The exact dosage and administration of Temaril-P will be decided by your vet. Different health issues might require different dosages, so follow your vet’s instructions to the dot. Temaril-P comes in tablets, and it is usually given to dogs once or twice a day.

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