When Should You Administer Sedatives To Your Dog?

When Should You Administer Sedatives To Your Dog?

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: Jan 11 2023


We often think that dogs live a pretty easy and comfortable life, but the truth is that some situations can cause them a lot of stress, and they will not know how to properly deal with it. Some of these situations include visits to the vet, nail trimming, and staying home alone, but in reality, every situation where your dog is not feeling secure can cause him stress and anxiety.

In those situations, owners often time want to use sedatives to help their dogs. Sedatives will, in most cases, help your dog relax and help him with the main problem, but in today's world, sedatives are often misused, which could lead to other health issues.

Today you are going to learn all about sedatives for dogs, their usage, and whether or not you should give them to your dog.

What are sedatives?

Sedatives are a type of drug mostly used to provide relaxation. They attach to the nervous system, thus causing the calm effect. When it comes to dogs, sedatives can be used for different purposes, but you should remember never to medicate your dog on your own.

Since sedatives are drugs, they can potentially cause additional health problems for your dog if they are misused. You should always talk to your vet if you think about giving your dog a sedative.

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Should dogs use sedatives?

Since sedatives are gaining popularity among dog owners, we asked our vet what she thinks about giving sedatives to dogs, and this is what she said.

“Sedatives can greatly help your dog with many different issues, but I personally would always try to find different ways and solutions when trying to help my dog. I would leave sedatives aside, and only if I tried everything before and nothing seemed to work, only in that case would I give my dog a sedative.”

Generally speaking, if you follow the instruction given by your vet on the proper usage of sedatives, your dog should be fine, and he should not experience serious health problems. But we also assure you that your vet will also give you a few pieces of advice that you can try before sedatives.

For what are sedatives mostly used in dogs?

Most dog owners will start using sedatives because they own anxious dogs. Anxiety is the number one reason vets have to prescribe dogs sedatives so much. There could be a lot of other situations where you can be tempted to give your dog sedatives, and some of them include

  1. If you own an aggressive dog to calm him down
  2. If your dog is scared of vets, grooming saloons, other dogs, etc.
  3. If your dog has trouble sleeping

If your dog has some problems, you should consult with your vet and try to find a solution other than sedatives. Often time, owners just don't devote enough time or energy to helping their dogs, and giving them sedatives is a major shortcut that, in some cases, will not be the best and the right way to treat a specific problem.

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What are the benefits for dogs that use sedatives?

Sedatives will help your dog become calm and relaxed. No matter what is the reason behind your dog's anxiety or other problems, sedatives will do their part and help not only your dog but everybody around him, including you, your vet, or even your groomer.

Often, sedatives are used for aggressive dogs, and by administering sedatives, you are ensuring that everything will go as planned and that the dog's attack will not happen. Sedating an aggressive dog will make the required process much easier for all included.

Are there any side effects of sedatives in dogs?

Although sedatives are a good way of calming your dog, they should be the last thing you should attempt to help him. The most common health issue connected with sedatives is changing in blood pressure.

You can expect your dog to have decreased blood pressure and heart rate by continuously using sedatives. This can have many effects on your dog, and depending on your dog and his general health, he may or may not have an additional health problem.

If you didn't find any other solution, and you must use sedatives to calm your dog, make sure that you follow your vet's instructions, and in case of any changes in your dog's behavior, make sure that you immediately contact your vet and update him. That way, you can react quickly if any additional health problem begins to bother your dog.

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How to safely give sedatives to your dog?

Sedatives are commonly used in humans, but you should never try to give sedatives to your dog without consulting with your vet. If you do, we assure you that your dog will experience some additional health concerns.

Only your vet can correctly instruct you and recommend the best sedative for your dog. To ensure that everything goes according to plan and that your dog gets the full benefits of sedatives with minimum risk of any side effects, you need to follow your vet's instructions strictly.

Your vet can recommend the best sedative depending on your dog's general health and medical history, age, and weight.

If you are planning to give sedatives to your dog for a longer period, make sure that you understand all the potential risks behind this usage as well as all the possible symptoms your dog could exhibit. That way, you can ensure to react properly if you notice any of them.

For these situations, most vets will suggest that you bring your dog to the clinic more often, so he can examine your dog and make sure that everything is going according to plan and that the sedatives are not doing any harm to your dog.

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