Pyrantel Pamoate for Dogs - What You Should Know Before Usage

Pyrantel Pamoate for Dogs - What You Should Know Before Usage

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: Jul 02 2023


If you’re a dog owner, you probably know how important it is to keep your dog safe from parasites. There are different kinds of parasites that can cause various problems for our dogs. Parasites like hookworms, roundworms, or tapeworms can be pretty dangerous, and we must keep our dogs safe from them. Luckily, there are easy and elegant ways to do that.

Modern parasite preventatives come in the form of chewable tablets. They include different active ingredients that will kill the parasite in your dog. One of those active ingredients is pyrantel pamoate. This active ingredient is in Drontal, Nemex, and countless other dewormers for dogs. Here’s what you should know about pyrantel pamoate for dogs.

What is pyrantel pamoate for dogs?

As we already mentioned, pyrantel pamoate is an anthelmintic or dewormer. It is most commonly used for treating intestinal or stomach parasites in dogs. However, some deworming medications for heartworm include pyrantel pamoate. Dog owners should know that this active ingredient is not effective against all types of intestinal parasites. Make sure you talk to your vet before you decide on a specific deworming medication.


What’s pyrantel pamoate effective against?

Pyrantel pamoate is effective against two intestinal parasites - roundworms and hookworms. Unfortunately, there are other types of intestinal and stomach parasites, like whipworms or tapeworms, that pyrantel pamoate is not as effective against. Here’s what you should know about the two types of parasites pyrantel pamoate can get rid of.


Roundworms can be present in puppies when they start drinking their mother’s milk. These parasites are fairly common in dogs. There are two main species of roundworms found in dogs - Toxascaris leonina and Toxocara canis. The latter one can infect humans, so make sure your dog doesn’t have them.


This is another parasite that can be present from the moment puppies are born. They can be transferred from mothers to puppies, so it is absolutely crucial pregnant bitches are properly dewormed. Hookworms are considered relatively dangerous, so make sure your dog or puppy is protected.

Is pyrantel pamoate safe?

One of the essential things dog owners want to know is, “Is Pyrantel pamoate safe for my dog?” There were a lot of controversies regarding deworming medications and their safety. Some owners even claimed their dogs died after ingesting some forms of dewormer. You have to be entirely sure of deworming drug’s safety before you decide to give it to your dog.

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The good news is that pyrantel pamoate is considered safe. It may cause some adverse reactions, but it is generally considered safe for dogs, which is why many vets prescribe and advise dog owners and breeders to use dewormers based on this active ingredient. In fact, it is one of the safest dewormers out there. Even pregnant bitches can take this medication and not cause any problems for her developing puppies.

Are there side effects of pyrantel pamoate?

Most drugs can cause some sort of side effects, and pyrantel pamoate for dogs is no different. Your dog is taking a chemical that is supposed to kill worms in it, and that is not something that can just be taken lightly. Even though this drug is considered safe and dogs tolerate it well, some side effects are possible. You should learn them in advance to know what you might expect and what is out of the ordinary.

The most common pyrantel pamoate side effects are;

  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea

VET TIP: If your dog vomits after taking this medication, you should give them the next dose with a tiny bit of food. It will help them keep the medication down.

How should pyrantel pamoate be taken?

Most dewormers should be taken once a month. Many of them are safe for dogs over 8 weeks, but pyrantel pamoate is different. It is safe for puppies that are 2 weeks old. This is one of the first medications dogs have to take to have a healthy start in their life. Pyrantel pamoate should be taken once every 2 - 3 weeks in puppies that are 2 - 12 weeks old. Talk to your vet and make sure your dog doesn’t require treatment more often.


Pyrantel pamoate dosage for dogs

The exact dosage of pyrantel pamoate should be determined by your vet. However, in most cases, the dosage of this drug ranges from 2,5 mg/lb to 10 mg/lb.

Where can I get this dewormer?

There are different shops and ways you can get dewormers that contain this active ingredient. You can simply visit your local pet shop, vet clinic, or pet pharmacy. If you prefer ordering online, Amazon and Chewy have large selections of pyrantel pamoate dewormers.

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