5 Most Effective Liquid Bandages for Dogs

5 Most Effective Liquid Bandages for Dogs

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: May 09 2023


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Being a dog owner means dealing with dog injuries. It is most likely your dog will earn a cut or two during their lifetime, and it is up to us, their owners, to help them deal with it. That’s when dog liquid bandages come into play. It is notoriously hard to make your dog keep a traditional bandage on. They will lick, scratch, or bite it off, which means healing and securing the wound is hard.

Luckily, World Dog Finder has a solution. We created this list of the best liquid bandages for dogs because some are simply not good enough for your dog. They can easily be licked off, and you won’t achieve anything by using them. Here are the best liquid bandages for dogs;

The best liquid bandages for dogs

Vetericyn Plus Wound and Skin Care

Vetericyn Plus Wound and Skin Care is something all dog owners should have at home. Don’t get it when you need it; have it in your medicine cabinet, ready. This product will clean the wound without stinging the dog. It can be used on cats, horses, livestock, and even parrots. You can use it for all sorts of skin issues, from hot spots, wounds, abrasions, and cuts. This liquid bandage will keep the wound moist and allow it to heal faster and entirely safe.

Sulfodene Wound Care Ointment

A product many dog owners recommend is the Sulfodene Wound Care Ointment. This liquid bandage for dogs is fantastic. Not only will it help the wound heal faster, but it will also provide a film barrier to protect against germs, bacteria, and flies. You can use this product for topical bacterial or fungal infections, which means that it is fantastic for your dog’s skin. It will treat hot spots and ease the skin irritations caused by parasites like fleas or ticks.

3M Vetbond Tissue Adhesive

The 3M Vetbond Tissue Adhesive is a vet-grade product that can easily close minor wounds. You can think of it as glue for cuts. It comes with a handy reusable application tip and blue dye, so you can quickly and precisely help your pet. This is a fantastic product to have in your dog’s first aid kit. The best thing about it is that it will polymerize in a couple of seconds, which is extremely convenient for blocking debris and bacteria from entering the wound. This is a product many vets use after minor incision surgeries. It completely eliminates the need for a traditional bandage.

Nutri-Vet Liquid Bandage Spray for Dogs

If your dog loves roaming around bushes, trees, and places where they might accidentally get hurt, the Nutri-Vet Liquid Bandage Spray for Dogs is something you should have at the ready. This is a liquid bandage spray that will instantly seal and disinfect the wound. It has a bitter taste, so even if your dog tries to lick it off, chances are they’ll stop after tasting it. Another thing this product does is - stop the bleeding. It can be used after nail trimming where owners trimmed too much of the dog’s nail.

Miracle Care First Aid Solutions

Miracle Care First Aid Solutions offer a wide range of products for dogs. This is their liquid bandage spray that is fantastic as an immediate help after minor injuries. They also have anti-itch sprays, antiseptic sprays, pads, gels, and all sorts of things you can put in the dog’s first aid kit. This product also comes with a bitter taste, and it provides breathable protection that will promote natural healing. It is very easy to use, and dog owners seem to be pretty happy with it.

How to choose the best liquid bandage for dogs?

As you probably already know - not all products are equally good. Just because someone uses a product and you can easily buy it doesn’t make it good. We hate buying things we end up being unsatisfied with. That’s why we tested and chose the best liquid bandages for dogs. Here are a few things we accounted for and you should consider when buying the best liquid bandage for your dog;

1. Safety

Think about the level of safety the liquid bandage provides. If you use it on your dog, will it form a protective barrier against bacteria and other things that might enter the wound? Some products don’t do that, which means they’re only disinfectants.

2. Antiseptic

One of the things you want to see in the best liquid bandages for dogs is antiseptic. Look for products that contain them. Bacteria are naturally present on the surface of the dog’s skin, and any cut means those bacteria can enter the wound. Antiseptics will kill the bacteria that managed to slip through immediately.

3. Anesthetics

If you have ever suffered a minor wound or cut (who hasn’t?), you know how uncomfortable they can be. If you want to ease your dog’s healing process and pain, look for liquid bandages that contain anesthetics.

4. Licking

Dogs will immediately start licking their wounds. It is their way of cleaning it and what their instincts tell them to do. You want to get a liquid bandage that will discourage the licking. Look for liquid bandages that come with a bitter taste so the dog will avoid licking.

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