Galliprant for Dogs: Uses & Where to Buy

Galliprant for Dogs: Uses & Where to Buy

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As our dogs get older, they will face problems similar to problems we will face in old age. Arthritis, impaired vision, hearing issues, bladder control issues… Those are all possible problems our beloved dogs might face. One of the most common issues dogs get when they are old is osteoarthritis.

If that is the case with your dog, you probably feel you would do anything you can to help them move around easier and live their best life. Luckily, different meds can help you with that, and one of those meds is called Galliprant. If your vet advised you to get some for your dog, here’s what you should know about it.

What is Galliprant for dogs?

Galliprant is an NSAID, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, prescribed to dogs for pains and inflammations associated with osteoarthritis. The active ingredient inside this medication is called grapiprant, and it is one of the “newest” meds. It is available in the US since 2016, and more and more vets are prescribing it to senior dogs. There are other alternatives you can get for your dog, and some are meloxicam, firocoxib, and carprofen. All these drugs should help arthritic dogs with their troubles.

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How does it work, and is it effective?

One of the most important things dog owners want to know is whether a drug is effective and what it will do exactly to their dogs. In recent years, dog owners started paying close attention to what goes into their dog’s body, almost as much as they are careful about what goes into their bodies.

When the dog’s cartilages start to tear due to osteoarthritis, their body has a natural response to it. It produces enzymes called cyclooxygenase (COX), which stimulate the body to start producing prostaglandins. Prostaglandins contribute to the signs of inflammation such as redness, swelling, pain, warmth, and fever. Most NSAIDs block COX to reduce inflammation. However, Galliprant will block the effect prostaglandins have.

Galliprant is considered very effective, and it will show clinical improvements after a few days. This medication is FDA-approved, which means the benefits it provides far outweighs the potential risks that might occur.

Is it safe?

Dogs with osteoarthritis need long-term treatments, which means the safety of an OA medication is crucial. It doesn’t make much sense to treat one health issue and create others. Luckily, Galliprant is considered fairly safe, even for long-term treatments. However, dogs that require long-term treatment should take the lowest possible dosage.

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Galliprant side effects

No matter which medication you give your dog, chances are, there will be some side effects. Galliprant is no different. It is considered safe, and most dogs take it without any problems. However, you should be aware of potential side effects simply because you should know what to do in those situations. All other NSAIDs can cause similar adverse reactions. The most common Galliprant side effects are;

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Bloody stool
  • Stool with mucus

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Because Galliprant is usually prescribed for long-term use, dog owners should talk to their vets about what health tests they should perform regularly. In most cases, blood work, kidney, and liver tests will be enough.

How is Galliprant given to dogs?

The exact dosage and frequency of administration will be decided by your vet. They know your dog’s medical history and current health. Both of these things might influence how often and what dosage is given to your dog. It is best to follow your vet’s instructions and not stray from what they told you.

However, in most cases, Galliprant is given once a day, with or without water. If your dog seems to have issues taking a tablet on an empty stomach, you can always include some treats or food with the next dose.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Galliprant is usually prescribed to older dogs. However, sometimes puppies and younger dogs need help dealing with pain. You should know that this medication is not safe for dogs under 9 months.

Where can I get Galliprant?

Galliprant can only be prescribed by a licensed vet, so the first step to getting it is visiting your vet. Take your dog for a checkup, and if the vet thinks Galliprant is the best solution for your dog, they will give you a prescription. After that, you can take the prescription to your local pet pharmacy or simply order it online on Chewy’s online pharmacy. Keep in mind that in both cases, you will need a valid prescription.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Since Galliprant comes in tablets of 20, 60, and 100 milligrams, the dosing can be tricky. The manufacturer stated that 100 mg tablets should not be cut in half. Make sure you stick to the manufacturer’s guide.

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