For-Bid For Dogs - Usage & Effectiveness

For-Bid For Dogs - Usage & Effectiveness

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: Jun 18 2023


Dogs have a unique taste in food, and many owners had to deal with dietary indiscretions in dogs. One of the things many dog owners have to deal with in their dogs is coprophagia. If you are unfamiliar with the scientific term, we can explain coprophagia like this: a dog eats their own or someone else’s stool.

This behavioral issue can be challenging to fix. Luckily, in 1960, chemist Charles Damaskus created For-bid for dogs. If you’re considering using this as a solution for your dog’s stomach-turning dietary habits, here’s what you should know about For-bid for dogs.

What is For-bid for dogs?

For-bid for dogs can be defined as a coprophagia deterrent. Its main job is to slowly make feces taste appalling to the animal. That might sound like a weird concept for us, but you need to remember dogs don’t have the exact definition of disgust as we do. Plus, dogs can eat poop for various reasons. There are different types of coprophagia, and For-bid will help you deal with all of them. Types of coprophagia are;

  • Autocoprophagy - where an animal eats its own stool
  • Alocoprophagy - where an animal eats stool from another animal of the same species
  • Heterophagy - where an animal eats stool from another animal of different species (cats and herbivores)

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Ingesting feces is not only disgusting, but it is also dangerous. This is how dogs get infected with intestinal parasites and bacteria. Plus, it makes your dog’s breath smell terrible. You can read more about this behavioral issue here - Why do dogs eat poop?

How does For-bid work?

For-bid is a highly purified crystalline edible protein, which will pass through the dog’s gastrointestinal tract and eventually dissolve and end up in the dog’s feces. It is mostly used for autocoprophagy, where the dog eats their own feces. The main goal of this product is to prevent your dog from doing that. As soon as the dog tries to eat their own feces, the villa of its tongue will react, and the dog should abandon it. For-bid makes the dog’s stool taste disgusting to them.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Before you use For-bid for your dog, you should ensure your dog is not taking steroids for other health issues. Steroids might interfere with For-bid’s effectiveness.

How is For-bid used?

For-bid for dogs is extremely easy to use. It comes in packages, and you simply sprinkle it over your dog’s food. If your dog eats only dry dog food, it is recommended you moisten their food to make the consumption easier. Here are the manufacturer’s guidelines for using this product;

  • Small dogs (3 - 20 lbs) - ¼ packet twice a day for 5 - 6 days
  • Large dogs (20 - 100 lbs) - ½ packet twice a day for 5 - 6 days
  • Giant dogs (100+ lbs) - ⅔ packet twice a day for 5 - 6 days

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Is it effective?

For-bid for dogs is the first product of its kind on the market. It is considered very effective, and vets worldwide advise using it for dealing with autocoprophagy. It is an easy and effective way of dealing with this issue. In fact, to prove the effectiveness, the manufacturer organized a study where they tested the products for three different kinds of coprophagia and tested the effectiveness on all of them. Here is how effective For-bid for dogs is;

  • Acute coprophagia - Usually develops in puppies and happens for 1 - 3 weeks. For-bid is 99,99% effective in this case.
  • Intermediate coprophagia - Develops in dogs 3 - 5 years old. If the issue lasts 1 - 3 months before using For-bid, the chances of the issue being resolved with it are 95%.
  • Chronic coprophagia - Develops in dogs over 5 years old, and if the behavior just started, For-bid will retain its 95% effectiveness. If the issue lasts for more than 1 year, it is probably the case of a bad behavioral habit. In that case, the issue should be resolved with training or a muzzle.

Are there any side effects to using For-bid?

One of the best things about For-bid for dogs is - there are no known side effects. Few things are used for behavioral modification in dogs that will cause no side effects, but For-bid seems to be an exception. That makes this product remarkably safe and effective.

SAFETY TIP: Side effects of For-bid might not exist, but overdoses can still happen. Make sure you adhere to your vet’s advice on dosing and administering For-bid. In case your dog ingests too much of it, call your vet or animal poison control at (888) 426-4435.

Where can I get For-bid for dogs?

The first thing you should do to get this product for your dog is visit your vet. Make sure you tell them the behavioral issue your dog is dealing with, and ask if For-bid might be a viable solution for your dog. If your vet agrees, you can visit your local pet shops or pet pharmacies and see if they sell this product. Many vets sell For-bid in their practices, so check with your vet first. If you prefer online orders, you can simply order it on Amazon.

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