Should You Use Drontal Plus for Your Dog As A Dewormer

Should You Use Drontal Plus for Your Dog As A Dewormer

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: May 03 2023


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If your dog has a parasitic worm infection, you should get those worms out of your dog as soon as possible. Parasites can cause all sorts of health issues to our dogs, and some of them can even infect humans. It is better for your whole human and canine family to keep your dog worm-free.

There are many dewormers available on the market, but today, we will focus on Drontal Plus. Many dog owners want to know if Drontal Plus is a good dewormer. They are interested in its effectiveness and safety. If your vet advised you to use this dewormer for your dog, here’s what you should know about it.

What is Drontal Plus?

Drontal Plus is a broad-spectrum dewormer. It is made by Bayer, a farmaceutical giant that has an Animal Care department. This dewormer aims to keep your dog safe from 4 common parasites;

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This medication combines three different active ingredients (praziquantel/pyrantel pamoate/febantel) to keep your dog as safe and healthy as possible. This medication can provide effective parasite control, but you have to make sure your dog takes it regularly.

Is it effective?

All the great marketing in the world cannot replace a lack of effectiveness. One of the first questions dog owners ask their vets about this medication is, “Is Drontal Plus effective?” The good news is - Drontal Plus is considered very effective.

Bayer conducted a study that indicated Drontal Plus will effectively get rid of parasitic worms. Dogs of different breeds, ages, and sizes from across the US were included in the study. All of them were successfully treated against parasites.

Is it safe?

The excellent news about Drontal Plus is that it is effective. However, one important question still remains, “Is Drontal Plus safe for dogs?” Many dewormers cause adverse reactions and severe side effects, so it is natural dog owners want to know how dogs react to this medication. Luckily, Drontal Plus is considered extremely safe, but don’t take just our word for it. Here’s what the FDA said about this dewormer;

"The clinical veterinarians rated overall safety as excellent."

There is not much more that can be said about this drug.

Drontal Plus side effects

The information so far seems pretty good, and there is a very good reason that this dewormer is one of the best sellers for so many years. However, like any other dewormer, some side effects are possible. Dogs generally have no side effects after taking this medication. Still, as a dog owner, you should know some are possible. The most common side effects of Drontal Plus for dogs are;

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation (in cases of severe worm infestation, especially roundworms)

If you notice your dog didn’t have a bowel movement longer than 24 hours, you should call your vet and let them know.

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How is it given to dogs?

Drontal Plus comes in the form of pills. It is given to dogs according to your vet’s instructions, but dogs should usually take a dose every 21 - 26 days. Your vet might ask for a follow-up stool analysis, and dogs might have to be treated again. However, that is mostly the case for dogs that live in environments where reinfestation can happen.

Where can I get it?

Since Drontal Plus is only available with a vet’s prescription, you can get it from a pet pharmacy. Check your local pet pharmacies, and they will probably have it on hand. You can even order it from Chewy’s online pharmacy. Again, you will need a licensed vet’s valid prescription.

This dewormer comes in different sizes, so you have to make sure you ordered the right size for your dog. You don’t want to end up giving your dog the wrong dose of this medication.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Drontal Plus is a potent dewormer. Dogs might handle it without issues, but you should never medicate your dog without consulting your vet first.

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