Best Thermometers for Your Dog

Best Thermometers for Your Dog

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Every now and then, your dog might seem a bit off. Maybe they are just tired and not feeling like themselves that day, or perhaps they caught something, and they have a heightened body temperature. All responsible dog owners should have a dog thermometer at home for cases like that. You should know if you have to take your dog to the vet, and the first thing many dog owners decide to do is take their dog’s temperature.

How to take your dog’s temperature?

The good news is that taking your dog’s temperature is relatively easy. However, the process might not be the most comfortable for your dog or for some owners. Regardless, it is something owners have to do to determine if something is wrong with their dog.

The best way to measure your dog’s temperature is through their rectum. There are other options, and vets have special ear thermometers that can accurately measure the dog’s body temperature. However, rectal temperature is the “golden standard.”

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What type of thermometer should you pick?

There are a few available models or dog thermometers you can choose from, and one is simply better than others. It is easier to read and safer to use. Here are the basic three dog thermometer models you can choose from;


Most of us are familiar with glass mercury thermometers. They are accurate and relatively affordable. However, there are some safety concerns when it comes to using mercury dog thermometers. Dogs are usually not too happy about the most common way of taking their temperature. If the thermometer breaks, it can cause all sorts of problems. From cuts to mercury poisoning, mercury thermometers can cause all kinds of issues.


Most infrared dog thermometers are not the best option for dog owners. They are designed to measure the dog’s auricular temperature (in their ear canal), and most infrared thermometers are not designed for dogs. To get an accurate measurement, you will have to get one designed specifically for dogs, which will be costly.


Digital dog thermometers are the most popular and the easiest to use. They are accurate and fairly safe. This type of dog thermometer won’t break so easily, so even if your dog takes off and drops the thermometer, chances are the thermometer will survive. It is easy to read the measurement, and most dog owners prefer this type of thermometers.

Here are the best dog thermometers available on the market;

iProven Pet Thermometer

The best dog thermometer, in our opinion, is the iProven Pet Thermometer. Not only is it fast and accurate, but it is also specially designed for dogs. This thermometer has a soft tip for as much comfort as possible while taking your dog’s temperature. The results should be accurate after only 20 seconds, not the best, but it is still faster than most dog thermometers. This is a popular choice for pet parents, and they seem to be pretty satisfied with the results.

Enji Digital Medical Thermometer

This thermometer was not designed with dogs in mind, but it will do the job perfectly. This is a thermometer for the whole family, although many of us choose to keep the dog’s thermometer just for them. The Enji Digital Medical Thermometer has all the functionalities you’d expect from it, and it is a great choice for all dog owners. Even if you don’t want a thermometer for your dog, this is an excellent choice for adults and kids. It could get the results faster, but accuracy is what’s most important.

Medical Thermometer for Adults

The Medical Thermometer for Adults is the choice of many dog owners because of its speed. Dogs are generally unhappy about having thermometers entering their exit, so you’d want to finish the process of measuring the dog’s temperature as soon as possible. Luckily, this model will complete the process in about 10 seconds. That is the faster dog thermometer on the market, and that is precisely why dog owners love it. This thermometer has a flexible tip, and it comes with a large lighted display. This is a great choice, and a great recommendation dog owners are satisfied with.

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