Why Reverse Sneezing In Dogs Happens?

Why Reverse Sneezing In Dogs Happens?

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For some owners, seeing reverse sneezing in dogs for the first time can be terrifying. Your dog will seem like he has trouble breathing, but the good news is that reverse sneezing is nothing to be concerned about.

This can happen to any dog and at any age. It is a completely normal thing, and for most dogs, reverse sneezing will last no longer than a few seconds.

What is reverse sneezing in dogs?

Reverse sneezing, or backward sneezing as it is usually called, is a condition that happens when the dog rapidly inhales the air, and instead of pushing the air through the nose, the dog will create a snorting sound because he will try to inhale air during sneezing.

Seeing a reverse sneeze for the first time can be alarming since it will look like the dog cannot catch a breath and that he is struggling to breathe. In reality, reverse sneezing is nothing to be concerned about.

During this episode, the dog will extend his head and neck and produce snorting.

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Is my dog in pain during reverse sneezing?

Although it may seem unpleasant to see your dog go through reverse sneezing episodes, your dog will not be in pain during this time. Since reverse sneezing can happen for various reasons, your dog could be irritated by something, but in either case, he will not be in pain.

What can cause reverse sneezing?

With reverse sneezing, the dog's body will try to remove the irritant that is bothering him. There could be various possible reasons that can cause your dog to start reverse sneezing.

Some of the reasons include

  • Allergies
  • Nose irritations
  • Nasal mites
  • Secretions
  • Foreign bodies in the throat
  • Eating
  • Drinking

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What is the treatment for reverse sneezing?

In most cases, reverse sneezing will not require any special treatment. Since this is completely normal for dogs to experience, once the reverse sneezing starts, it will last no longer than a few seconds, although there have been some reports of longer-lasting periods of reverse sneezing.

It is almost uncommon for any dog to develop additional health problems or complications due to reverse sneezing. In some rare cases, your vet can prescribe your dog some meds to help with this dog's condition.

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How to stop reverse sneezing in dogs?

Among dog owners, there have been some tips for stopping reverse sneezing. Since this condition will not last long and it is not common for your dog to experience it, our advice would be to leave your dog alone and let him handle it alone. The only thing you can do to help him is to give him a gentle pat on the back.

In general, this condition will last no longer than 30 seconds, and if you try to help your dog, you may only worsen things.

You should contact your vet and schedule a meeting if you notice that your dog experience reverse sneezing more often. There could be some underlying health problem that is bothering your dog and causing reverse sneezing.

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Reverse sneezing in dogs is completely normal, and if your dog has experienced it, you have nothing to worry about. All you can do is wait for the episode to finish, and your dog will be alright. There are many possible reasons why your dog could experience these conditions, and in most cases, they are harmless.

If your dog starts to reverse sneeze excessively, you should seek vet help because some underlying health issue can be bothering your dog.

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