Why Does My Dog Fart so Much

Why Does My Dog Fart so Much

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Being a dog owner means dealing with some canine unpleasantries. One of those things might be dog farts. Some dogs seem like never-ending gas containers that love to “relax” at the worst possible time. If you can relate to this problem and your dog farts a lot, here is what you should know about your adorable little gas container.

Why do dogs fart so much?

Just like humans, dogs have to pass gas from time to time. Gas forms in their stomach and intestines, and it simply has to come out. When the gas comes out, it usually makes a loud sound and/or an unpleasant smell, to say the least. Nearly all dog owners know what a silent dog fart smells like, and they can all agree that they are deadly.

All joking aside, if your dog started to pass more gas than usual, it can be a worrying sign. However, some breeds are simply prone to passing more gas than others. Here are some main reasons why certain dogs fart so much;

Brachycephalic breeds

Brachycephalic dog breeds have shorter muzzles. When they eat, they ingest more air than dogs with longer muzzles, and that air has to go out. Dogs that eat fast and seem like “aggressive” eaters will ingest more air, and they will produce more gas. Some of these breeds are French Bulldogs, Pugs, and Boxers.

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Dogs that eat human food

As a general rule, you shouldn’t feed your dog table scraps, no matter how much they beg you. The most common reason dogs are gassy is because their owners feed them table scraps. Things like dairy products, beans, peas, and high-fat foods will cause more gas production. Your dog’s farts might become more often and a lot smellier.

Poor diet

Dogs that are fed with low-quality dog foods will fart a lot. Low-quality dog foods contain low-quality ingredients, and your dog might not digest them properly. Bad foods include things like soy, corn, or any other dog food filler that will cause digestive upsets to dogs. That’s when dog farts happen.

Dietary changes

Most experienced owners know that changing your dog’s diet is not a small task. Adapting to a new diet takes time and patience. Dogs with sudden diet changes can experience digestive issues, and one of those issues is excessive gas. Make sure you make the switch gradually, especially if the ingredients are completely different.


Just like switching diets, food intolerance can cause dog farts. Most dogs cannot properly digest dairy products, so if you feed your dog with things like milk, cheese, or yogurt, they might experience some problems. The most common problems are diarrhea, loose stool, vomiting, and excessive gas.

Health issues that cause dog farts

The good news is that these dog fart reasons can be regulated. However, there are some health concerns and diseases that can be worrying. If you noticed your dog suddenly started excessively passing gas, but you haven’t fed them table scraps, changed their food, or gave them dairy, it could mean they have an underlying health problem. Here are some issues that can cause excessive dog farts;

How can I stop my dog from farting?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to stop your dog from farting completely. Dealing with your dog’s stink bombs is simply a part of being a dog owner. However, if your dog is passing gas at an alarming rate, there are ways you can reduce them and hopefully make them less stinky. Here are some of the best advice for fighting against dog farts;

  • Slow food switch - Make sure you switch your dog food slowly. Even if you are switching your dog to better quality food, you should still do it slowly. Sudden dietary changes can trigger your dog’s gas production.
  • No table scraps - The best thing you can do is stop feeding your dog table scraps. If you gave your dog some of your leftovers, they could trigger them. Make sure you eliminate this unhealthy habit, and your dog will stop farting so much.
  • Avoid dairy - As we said before, dogs cannot digest dairy, and feeding your dog dairy will most likely trigger the farting machine. Avoid giving your dog dairy, and the problem should be significantly reduced.
  • Supplements - If your dog doesn’t have bad dietary habits, eats high-quality food, and you don’t give them table scraps, there is always the option of giving them supplements. Include probiotic powders, zinc acetate, and Yucca schidigera in your dog’s diet,

In conclusion

In most cases, dog farts are nothing to worry about. It is important to know that dogs, like humans, pass gas. It is simply a part of their lives, and being a dog owner often means dealing with a farting dog. If you noticed your dog suddenly started farting, you should check with your vet if there are any reasons you should be concerned. Make sure your dog has a healthy diet, and don’t give them things that can cause the dog to fart.

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