Do Dogs Have Bones In Their Tails?

Do Dogs Have Bones In Their Tails?

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Different dog breeds have different tails. Some can be long and thin, while others can be shorter and thick. Waging with the tail is considered one of a dog's most common communication methods. Since dog tails are flexible and mobile, many dog owners want to know if dogs have bones in their tails. Stay with us and find out.

Do dogs have bones in their tails?

The shortest answer is yes; dogs do have bones in their tails. Their tail is made of small tiny bones that are connected together. Their tail is an extension of a dog's spine, so in reality, we can say that the bones in the dog's tail are actually small vertebrae. Their tails also contain nerves, blood vessels, and tissue. Their bones are connected in a muscle, and the muscle can control their movement: waging, turning, lifting, etc.

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The function of the bones in the tail

A dog's tail has a lot of functions. For the most part, with their tail, they can communicate. A wagging tail means the dog is happy and excited, while a tail tucked tail under its belly means it is scared. Besides communicating, dog tails have much more purposes. They can keep their balance and orientation with their tail, especially when they find themselves on different surfaces while turning, running, or swimming.

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Tail fractures in dogs

Dogs can fracture their tails, and that can cause a lot of pain for your dog. There are many ways your dog can fracture its tail, but if you notice that your dog's tail may be broken, you should seek vets' help.

Your vet will perform a physical exam, and in most cases, with this exam, your vet can notice if your dog's tail is fractured or not. Sometimes, your vet will do an X-ray to diagnose the fracture.

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Treatment for tail fractures

Depending on the severity of the fracture, treatment will be different for dogs. If your dog has a more minor fracture, in most cases, your dog will not have to undergo surgery and can recover completely. Some dogs will need surgery for more complex fractures, and the vet will insert screws and pins. For most patients, your vet will use anesthesia to complete surgery effectively.

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Can dogs feel pain in their tail?

Since the tail is a vital part of their bodies, dogs can feel pain in their tails. Their tails contain nerves like the rest of their body, and they can feel things. If your dog fractures his tail, in most cases, your dog will be in a lot of pain, and you must take him to the vet's office as soon as possible.

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Should you pull your dog by its tail?

Many injuries can occur if you pull dogs' tails, and you are not advised to ever pull them by their tail in their life. Pulling the tail can cause damage to the nerves located in the dog's tail, and your dog could end up with many problems.

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You should avoid pulling a dog by its tail unless it is unavoidable.

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A dog's tail contains little bones that are connected together. Since they have nerves in their tail, they can feel different things, including pain. You should never pull your dog by his tail, no matter the situation. If your dog somehow breaks his tail, depending on the severity of the fracture, there is a possibility that your dog will have to undergo surgery.

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