Can Air Conditioning Hurt Your Dog?

Can Air Conditioning Hurt Your Dog?

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If you live in a really hot area, you are probably aware that living without air conditioning is nearly impossible. Luckily, humans have created air conditioning. We can be comfortable in our homes and cars despite the scorching temperatures outside. If you are a dog owner and often use air conditioning, there are a few things to be cautious about. If you ever wondered, “Can air conditioning hurt my dog?” here is what you should know.

Is air conditioning dangerous for dogs?

Generally speaking, air conditioning is not dangerous for dogs. However, there are a few factors that can make your dog sick or cause them harm. If you are a dog owner and you want to keep your dog as comfortable as possible during hot summer days, you should really think about these characteristics your dog possesses;


Most dogs are covered with fur, but that fur can be completely different. Breeds like the Siberian Huskies have thick, double coats that can withstand the harshest Siberian winters. Lowering the temperature on your air conditioning will not hurt them, even if you set the lowest possible temperature. However, breeds with single, short coats, like the ItalianItalian Greyhound, could easily get hurt by low temperatures.

Dogs with thin coats cannot withstand low temperatures without getting hypothermia. The first thing you should think about if you want to leave your dog at home with the air conditioning is their coat. Make sure you set the right temperature and check the modes your air conditioning has. Some can lower temperatures over time, so be careful about that.

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Body fat

Another essential factor you should consider is body fat. The more body fat your dog has, the more sensitive they will be to high temperatures. However, dogs with not enough body fat are usually weaker and more susceptible to cold temperatures. If you have an underweight dog, you should keep the air conditioning set to a slightly higher temperature. If you have an overweight dog, you can set the temperature a bit lower.

Size and age

Larger dogs retain heat better than small dogs. You might have noticed that a Chihuahua gets cold a lot faster than a Great Dane. Be careful when setting the right temperature for small and big dogs.

Senior dogs have trouble retaining body heat, and they generally prefer slightly warmer temperatures. The same goes for puppies. It is vital to keep them warm, so you might want to keep the temperatures higher if you have puppies at home.

General health

Healthy, active adult dogs can withstand colder temperatures. Still, if you have a dog with a compromised immune system, you should keep the temperatures higher. This is similar to humans having a cold - we are constantly feeling cold and shivering. Keep a warmer temperature if you have a sick dog at home.

The ideal temperature for dogs

As humans, there is a temperature that suits dogs best. Naturally, that temperature is different during summer and winter. If you want to have a thriving, happy dog at home, you should know the ideal temperatures for them.

Summer temperature

During hot summer days, your dog will really appreciate it if they have a place to cool off and comfortably nap. You know it is impossible to sleep if you are too hot, and imagine having a thick coat on while the temperatures are high. If you want to keep your dog comfortable, the recommended temperature is 75 - 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Winter temperature

If you want to keep your dog comfortable during winter, you should keep the temperature between 69 - 72 degrees Fahrenheit. If your dog’s body temperature falls too much, they can be at risk of hypothermia, especially if they have thin coats.


Another thing you should think about during summer is the humidity. It can affect how the high temperature affects your dog. High humidity can be exhausting for your dog, so make sure your home is not humid. You can get a dehumidifier if you live in high-humidity areas.

In conclusion

Air conditioning is actually very safe for dogs. In fact, your dog will appreciate a cool place where they can cool a bit and lower their body temperature. Keep in mind that dogs have different types of coats, and they can withstand different temperatures. Account for your dog’s size, overall health, coat, and body fat. Air conditioning is actually a great thing for dogs and humans; just make sure you don’t make the temperature difference too big.

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