Benefits of Dog Walking

Benefits of Dog Walking

Author WDF Staff


Dogs have been a man’s best friend for centuries now. They are our best friends and companions we can rely on in good times and bad. Other than having a lifelong best friend here are the top 7 health benefits of dog walking.

Physical benefits

1. Weight control

  • Being overweight or obese is a serious health issue. There is a simple medical solution to obesity - burn more calories than you consume. A regular activity like walking can help you burn calories and help you keep your pounds in check. It also works the same for your dog.

2. Joint Health

  • Immobility is another common health problem. Joints, even old ones, need to work. People and pets get stiff when sedentary for too long, and keeping joints in motion improves their function.

3. Balance improvement

  • The older we are the worse our sense of balance is. Some medications, illnesses, and reduced flexibility can speed up the deteriorating balance. Walking helps us battle balance problems and actually improves it. With walking, we build our lower body strength and reduce the risk of falling and injuring ourselves and it works great in preventing future problems as we get older.

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4. Digestive and Urinary Health

  • Walking helps the digestive tract. Some dogs, as well as some people, like to “go” on schedule. Providing your dog with a regular schedule will make sure they don’t get constipated. It also helps with the urinary tract and maintaining that part also in good shape and healthy. The longer the urine stays in the bladder the riskier it is and potential infections can arise.

5. Blood pressure reduction

  • Regular walking helps us reduce blood pressure. It doesn’t mean that walking sessions should be extremely long or fast. According to some studies walking for just half an hour greatly reduces blood pressure and blood pressure-related medical problems like stroke or other heart diseases. Dog walking also helps you sleep better. Regular physical activity will greatly increase the quality of your sleep and you will feel more rested and happy.

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Mental benefits

1. Happy hormone

  • Serotonin is one of the four “happy hormones” in the human brain and it is stimulated by physical activity. Walking helps boost serotonin in such a way that it actually boosts the production of chemical tryptophan, a chemical used in the natural process of serotonin manufacture.

2. Bonding

  • Spending time with your pet is extremely important. It helps you bond and strengthens your relationship with your pet. It has also been proven that walking your pet for 20 minutes reduces anxiety and stress. If you go for long walks in the woods and take your pet with you, it has a double calming effect.

These are just some of the benefits that are well known to most dog owners and lovers. All of these benefits have been scientifically proven and the best ones science can’t describe. Having someone in your life who is always happy when they see you is the possibly best thing ever. Your dog will probably adore you and that pure connection is what makes these animals so great.

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