Top 7 Wolf Like Dogs You Most Probably Didn't Heard Of

Top 7 Wolf Like Dogs You Most Probably Didn't Heard Of

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: Jun 09 2023


Humans have been fascinated with wolves for thousands of years, and we can thank our ancestors for domesticating these magnificent animals. Because of them, we now have dogs. Pugs and wolves are not that similar, but some dogs look like wolves. There is a unique appeal to these breeds, and many of us want to have a wolf-like dog with the character of a “Man’s best friend.”

The good news is that many dog breeds share many similarities with wolves but have a dog’s character. These breeds are not only stunning, but they are also loyal and powerful, and some make amazing guardians and watchdogs. We prepared a list of our favorite wolf-like dogs.

7. Siberian Husky

There are some obvious similarities between the Siberian Husky and the wolf. These are Nordic dogs with thick black, grey, and white coats and bushy tails. Huskies are significantly smaller than wolves, but there are apparent similarities many Husky owners noticed and fell in love with. Not only do Huskies look like wolves, but they also love howling, another trait wolves are known for.


Huskies are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Most of them have friendly character that loves spending time with other dogs and humans. They are energetic, and you need to provide them with plenty of exercise. If a Husky is bored, they will become destructive and a nightmare to deal with. Make sure you give your wolf-like Husky plenty of mental and physical training.

6. Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute is another Nordic breed with a thick coat and bushy, curly tail. They are larger than Huskies and have many similarities with wolves. They come in the same color palette as the Huskies, but the size difference should be clear and easily distinguishable. They also love howling and are usually big fluffballs that love cuddling.

alaskan malamute laying on grass

Alaskan Malamutes, like many other double-coated breeds, can be challenging to deal with during shedding season. Twice a year, they blow out their entire undercoat, and the amount of loose hair is astonishing. If you are looking to become an Alaskan Malamute owner, you should be prepared to deal with a crazy amount of dog hair.

5. Tamaskan Dog (Northern Inuit Dog)

The Tamaskan dog, unlike the first two breeds mentioned here, is not a registered or accepted breed in major cynology clubs. However, they are true wolf-like dogs. Based on their looks, many assume these dogs are wolf hybrids. That means they were created by cross-species breeding between wolves and dogs.


Contrary to popular belief, the Tamaskan dog is not a wolf hybrid. These dogs were created by crossbreeding four popular dog breeds - German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, and Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs. The Wolfdog genes gave Tamaskan dogs that wild appearance that makes them so attractive to future owners.

4. Blue Bay Shepherd

The Blue Bay Shepherd is a passion project of one dog breeder - Vicki Spencer. She was fascinated by Wolfdogs for years. She created a breed with a wolf-like appearance and an obedient and dog-like character. These dogs look amazingly close to wolves. You could easily mistake these dogs for wolves if you are unfamiliar with the exact look, size, and characteristics.

blue bay shepherdImage Credit

The creation of this hybrid started in the early 2000s when Spencer used her Wolfdog stock and started adding German Shepherds in the mix. She was trying to achieve the perfect balance between wolf DNA and dog DNA. The main issue with this hybrid is that it shares much of its DNA with wild wolves, and owning a wolf-dog hybrid is illegal everywhere. Nevertheless, the beauty of this hybrid cannot be denied; these dogs are absolutely gorgeous.

Want to know more about these dogs? Check out this article - Blue Bay Shepherds.

3. Lycan Shepherd

The Lycan Shepherd is another hybrid that is not a registered breed. It is based on the foundation Blue Bay Shepherds set. Dog breeders decided further to develop these dogs in a slightly different direction. The main thing to know is that the breeders involved in the Lycan Shepherd project wanted to keep the wolf-like look, and it is safe to say they managed to do that.

lycan shepherdImage Credit

The main difference between Blue Bays and Lycan Shepherds is that Lycans have more German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois in them. These dogs were further bred with working dogs, so they have the wolf-like dog appearance, but their intelligence and working ability also develop. This is an interesting project we follow with great interest.

2. Saarlos Wolfdog

There aren’t many dogs that are more wolf-like than the Saarlos Wolfdog. This is a working, pureblooded dog breed created in the Netherlands. Leendert Saarloos was a Dutch dog breeder allowed by the government to develop a new dog breed. He got a female grey wolf and paired her with a working German Shepherd.

saarlos wolfdog

Modern-day Saarlos Wolfdogs still have that wolf-like dog appearance, one of their most attractive characteristics. These dogs that look like wolves are somewhat popular in their native country. Still, they never became too popular around the world. While they are attractive, wolfdogs can have a difficult character to deal with.

1. Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

If the name doesn’t clarify, the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog has a similar start as the Saarlos Wolfdog. These dogs were created when dog breeders crossbred the Carpathian wolf with a German Shepherd. They wanted German Shepherds because of their intelligence and working ability.


The creation of this wolf-like dog had one goal - to create a unique working dog breed that would patrol Czechoslovakia. The country might be disbanded into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but this breed still remains. These dogs have a strong fan base, and if you ever see one in the woods, you will easily mistake them for a wild wolf.

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