Tamaskan Dog Fun Facts

Tamaskan Dog Fun Facts

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If you are the type of person that likes small companion dogs, then the Tamaskan dog is definitely not for you. However, if you are a person that loves dogs with a wolf-like appearance, you will be very interested in the Tamaskan.

Don’t let their look fool you. They are not actually wolves; they are selectively bred dogs created to make a breed appear more wolf-like. This is a designer breed, but not what you might expect when you hear that term. People mostly think about small dogs like the Cavapoo or the Pomski when they hear the term “designer breed.” Not often do we think about dogs that were selectively bred to make them appear like the wild animal that is the true ancestor of the dog species.



23 - 32 in



55 - 110 lb




 Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy:

12 -15 years

Here is a list of interesting facts you probably didn’t know about the Tamaskan.

1. Creation of the Tamaskan

Just because they look like this, people often think that these dogs are some sort of wolf hybrid. That is not true, and they were created by crossbreeding four registered and recognized dog breeds; the Alaskan Malamute, the Siberian Husky, the German Shepherd, and the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog.

Husky-type dogs were imported to the US in the early 1980s, and breeders wanted to use them as a foundation for the new Tamaskan breed. They started adding different breeds, and unfortunately, they didn’t document the breeding process, so we might never know for sure how these dogs were created. We know they were exported to Finland, where the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog was added with the goal of the breed having an even more wild appearance.

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tamaskan dog

2. Temperament

Despite their wild appearance, the Tamaskan dog is quite an obedient and friendly dog breed. All of their parent breeds were active, so it is natural to expect them to be active. They love playing and spending time in the open with their family. They can make excellent competitors in dog sports.

You could never tell by looking at them, but the Tamaskan is a gentle breed with an extrovert and friendly disposition. They get along great with other dogs and can even be taught to coexist with other, smaller pets. They are affectionate and gentle with their family, especially towards the kids.

3. Recognition of the breed

The Tamaskan is a designer breed with a relatively short history. But unlike other crossbreeds and designer breeds, these dogs are working hard on their international recognition. Most hybrids are first-generation crossbreeds, which means they are produced by mixing two pure-blooded dogs. Tamaskan dogs were created by different breeds, but they have since established a pedigree and are only breeding within their breed.

Dogs with consistent characteristics within the breed have made the first step towards their international recognition as a pureblooded breed. They might still be far from global recognition, but a Tamaskan Club was formed in 2005 and is working hard to get this breed recognized.

Tamaskan Dog profile

4. Different names

The Tamaskan is a breed known by another name, a name that arguably sounds even cooler than Tamaskan - Northern Inuit Dog. Although the term “Northern Inuit Dog” can mean three different varieties - the Tamaskan, the British Timber dog, and the Utonagan. They all share the same ancestors but were carefully bred in different directions.

One additional interesting thing about them is that these dogs were chosen to play mythical dire wolves in the hit TV show “Game of Thrones.” They are so similar to wolves that some people can hardly tell the difference; of course, those that know the breed can easily spot the difference.

5. Different coat colors

The Tamaskan looks beautiful, and their rich, thick coat plays a large part in their overall appearance. These dogs have a double coat that used to insulate them from cold weather. It is a trait they have inherited from their parent breeds, who were Nordic sled dogs. The Tamaskan dog is a heavy shedder, and that is just a part you will need to live with if you want one of these dogs.

The coat color is an essential part of any breed because it is a trait all dogs from the same breed should share. The Northern Inuit Dog comes in three different colors, and they are;

  • Red Grey
  • Black Grey
  • Wolf Grey

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Tamaskan Dog

6. Intelligence

People often focus only on these dogs’ appearance, and they rarely think about how intelligent they are. These dogs come from one of the smartest breeds in the world - the German Shepherd, so it shouldn’t surprise you that they are rather smart. With sufficient training, these dogs can even compete in obedience trials and be a great competitor.

Smart dogs can be tough to handle. They require mental activity and can get easily bored if training is repetitive. That is the case with the Tamaskan dogs. They can pick up new things pretty quickly, and if you don’t challenge their minds, they can develop behavioral problems. 

7. Health issues

When it comes to newly created breeds like the Tamaskan, it is hard to accurately say which health issues they are prone to. There simply hasn’t been enough time to see if any problems can occur in later generations. That is also why so many hybrids are having trouble registering as pureblooded dogs.

What we learned so far we know Northern Inuit Dogs are prone to;

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Degenerative myelopathy
  • Cryptorchidism
  • Epilepsy

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