Rottweiler Crossbreeds

Rottweiler Crossbreeds

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The Rottweiler is a muscular dog breed whose original purpose was helping butchers take their meat to the market. They were employed as herding dogs also and were great at that job. These dogs were also known in Germany by their original name Rottweiler Metzgerhund, which translates directly to "Rottweil butchers' dog" because their line of work was to herd livestock and help butchers.

They are popular companion dogs these days and there are a lot of these dogs spread all around the world. With the rise of the popularity of a breed also comes some negative side effects, and for the mighty Rottweiler, the main problems are negative publicity, and dog breeders that have the idea that mixing dogs and creating "new" breeds is a good thing.

These dogs' main publicity problem is that they have quite a negative image portrayed of them thanks to ownership restrictions in some countries and some features in movies like "The Omen." They are mostly perceived as aggressive dogs that are just waiting on a chance to hurt someone. The truth is completely different, and these dogs are wonderful companions and pets, and if raised right they can be excellent guardians.

That is a story for a different time and we would like to focus here on their crossbreeding or the mixing problem.

In order for breeders to make more money, and to make their dogs more appealing to the buyer, they started crossbreeding this old and beautiful dog breed. It is important to know that dog breeds have been bred for thousands of years. The best part of purebreds is that we can be pretty sure what type of character a dog can have or what they will look like. Genetic health problems are also nearly eradicated and we cannot be sure about anything with these "newly created dog breeds".

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The clear motives for those types of crossbreeding actions are unclear yet, and we wouldn't like to speculate, but here is a list of some of the most popular crossbreeds that some "breeders" are trying to sell.

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1. Pit Bull mixed with Rott

The Rottweiler and the Pit Bull crossbreed is actually a fairly new hybrid. It’s unclear when breeders started developing this mix since no official records were kept.

Both of these dog breeds have a strong guarding instinct, so it is understandable why somebody would try and develop such a dog breed.

2. German Shepherd mix

These mixed dogs are also known by names such as  “Rottweiler Shepherd,” “Rotten Shepherd, “Shepweiler,” “Rottie Shepherd,” or even “Shottie”.

Maybe the biggest question when getting a mixed dog breed is their temperament and because the German Shepherd and Rottweiler crossbreed isn’t a pureblooded dog breed, its temperament can only be guessed based on the main characteristics of both of its parents.

3. Husky mix

Both of these popular breeds have quite different temperaments so the number of combinations that crossbred dogs can inherit from their parents is countless. The same problem remains with the unknown character and genetic problems.

Most of the dogs will probably turn up alright but there is no way of knowing for sure. We must admit these dogs do look cute with the Rottweiler coat color combination and Huskies' different colored eyes.

4. Labrador Retriever mix

These two dog breeds are vastly different character-wise. Labradors are the world’s best pets and have little to no guarding instinct. They were gundogs specialized in retrieving hunters prey while Rottweilers were fierce herding and guarding dogs.

The exact temperament of this mix is uncertain as well as their character. Crossbreeding is still a new “experiment” and dogs that are bred by two different pureblooded dogs can inherit all sorts of different characteristics.

5. Golden Retriever mix

Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world and an absolute treat to have in your household. Rottweiler mixed with a Golden is usually known by their unofficial name the “Golden Rottweiler”. They are bred for the hope that they will be great at hunting, service, and therapy dog work, obedience training and yet the question still remains what characteristics the new puppy will inherit.

6. Boxer mix

The Rottweiler Boxer is a crossbreed of two large dog breeds, so there is a possibility that these dogs might be great in size. This crossbred “dog breed” is commonly known by its designer name of Boxweiler.

7. Other popular Rottweiler mixes

These dogs can be mixed with every known dog breed and these “breeders” can try to sell you a so-called designer dog breeds so we are not going to say all the possible mixes but some of the most popular options in the mixed dog breed market are

  • Mastiff mix
  • Poodle mix
  • Corgi mix
  • Chihuahua mix
  • Border Collie mix
  • Australian Shepherd mix
  • Pug mix

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Breeding dogs is not an easy task and one that should be taken lightly. There are definitely some problems that need to be addressed when talking about the dog market and we do not mean to tell anyone that it is a perfect solution for dogs to find new owners and homes. But this isn’t the case when we are talking about dog breeds.

Dog breeds have been successfully bred for centuries and were carefully selected because of their specific traits that have been studied for years and years. With pureblooded dogs, we know exactly what to expect, their character, life expectancy, energy levels, food preferences, and even their coat color. It is of course, possible that these dogs vary and it is possible that a pureblooded dog gets sick but even in that case 9 out of 10 times Vets will know what the problem is and how to treat it.

Those who support crossbreeding and making of “designer” dog breeds have an argument that says pureblooded dogs have a limited gene pool and thus problems and inbreeding will occur. They believe that the solution to that problem is the widening of the gene pool and introducing crossbreeding.

We by no means would discard such a proposal and these problems are definitely worth addressing. However, all the arguments they have are pure speculation. There is absolutely no way in knowing how crossbreeding will influence a new dog breed or which traits these new dogs will inherit.

This is a very interesting topic but we at World Dog Finder would not endorse crossbreeding and it is our official stance that we should keep dog breeds safe and we would like to invite everyone who is thinking about getting a crossbreed to think twice about it.

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