Red Nose Pit Bull - Pros, Cons & Other Characteristics

Red Nose Pit Bull - Pros, Cons & Other Characteristics

Author WDF Staff | Last updated: Apr 28 2023


There are many controversies regarding Pit Bulls, and there is a nasty reputation that follows them. The truth is that there are plenty of Pit Bulls responsible for dog-related injuries, but the real question we all should be asking is under what circumstances did the injury occur. Nothing seems black and white when it comes to this breed, but luckily, something can be a bit red - a Red Nose Pit Bull, to be exact.

What is a Red Nose Pit Bull?

The Red Nose Pit Bull is a strain of the American Pit Bull Terrier breed, or better yet, a variety. There is also the Blue Nose Pit Bull, and the main difference between the two is the color of their nose.

The significant part of the Red Nose Pit Bulls is their ancestry. All Pitties come from Ireland, but there was a unique breeding line bred for hunting, protection, and fighting, but also as a great family dog. That strain of Pit Bulls became known as the Old Family Red Nose strain or OFRN.

The origin of the OFRN in the US is believed to come from the original Irish strain. These dogs made their way across the ocean with Irish immigrants in the 19th century. Pretty soon, American dog owners fell in love with these dogs and decided to use them for blood sports. Of course, the Red Nose Pittie excelled in fighting pits because of their strength and courage.


  • affectionate and loyal - they are known for their love and loyalty toward their people
  • intelligent and trainable - highly intelligent dogs that can learn almost anything
  • good with children - they are very gentle and can get along with kids if properly socialized
  • versatile - they excel in various activities such as agility and obedience


  • breed stigma - these dogs often time face breed-specific legislation and negative public perception
  • potential aggression - if they are not properly socialized, they can become aggressive toward other dogs
  • insurance and housing issues - some insurance companies and landlords may have restrictions on owning this dog breed

Temperament of a Red Nose Pit Bull

The temperament of a Red Nose Pit Bull is very much like any other Pit Bull strain. They come from the same family, and there is not much difference between them. These dogs were brought up and bred as working dogs, so you shouldn’t be surprised that they are incredibly active.

Your Red Nose Pittie will require plenty of exercise, training, and socialization to be a great family dog. They can be pretty dominant, so in the wrong hands, these dogs can be dangerous. There is a good reason why they are considered the most dangerous dog breed in the world.

female red nose pitbull

But many fail to mention that in the right hands, Pitties can make great family pets. They will need plenty of socialization and activities. Bored dogs will get destructive and develop behavioral problems. Pitties are no different. If they are raised right, they can be great dogs, just like any other breed.

Red Nose Pit Bulls are brave, confident, and curious. They share many character traits with other Terriers. They are active and affectionate towards their owners. Make sure you treat them with respect and invest plenty of time in their training if you want to end up with a well-behaved dog that can come with you anywhere.

There are plenty of popular Pit Bull mixes. Check out this article - Pocket Pit Bull.

Unique appearance

When it comes to different strains within a breed, there are some peculiarities about each strain, and Red Nose Pit Bulls are slightly different from the rest of their Pit family. The most noticeable difference is their color.

Red Nose Pit Bulls are impressive dogs. The first thing that comes to mind when looking at them is “power.” These dogs give a strong impression of power and athleticism. They look like a professional sportsman in the prime of their life. Their muscular bodies and broad heads will drive fear in most people.


As we already said, the most significant difference these dogs have from the rest of their family is their color. Red Nose Pit Bulls come in three main colors; copper, red, and brown. Their nails, coat, and lips can be the same color, and some of them have striking amber eyes. Naturally, all of them should have red or pink noses. These dogs can have white markings all over their bodies.

There is one title that is not the best to hold, yet it is very descriptive when it comes to these dogs. They are often called “best fighting dogs in the world.” That nickname also says a lot about their bloody and brutal use. If you are interested in learning more about dog fighting in American history, check out this article - Dog Fighting Through History.


There is not much of a size difference between all of the Pit Bull strains, which is one of the characteristics they all share. They can reach a height of 17 - 20 inches and weigh 30 - 65 pounds. Males are typically larger than females.


These dogs have short and low-maintenance coats. Regular brushing with a soft bristle brush will do the trick and keep your dog looking the best. Regular brushing will remove loose hair from their coat and help distribute the natural oils. Bathing is required only as needed, a few time a year is more than enough.

Health issues Red Noses are prone to

Like any other dog breed, Red Nose Pit Bulls are prone to some health problems. It doesn’t mean they will develop or inherit any of the issues; they are common enough that vets managed to see a pattern. This is generally considered a healthy breed, and these dogs have an average lifespan of 14 years. Some of the common problems we can notice with Red Nose Pit Bulls are:

Getting a Red Nose Pit Bull puppy

The OFRN strain of Pit Bulls is considered somewhat rare, so getting your hands on a puppy might not be that easy. This is also not a breed that is recognized by any significant cynology association, so there is no guarantee that a breeder is responsible or that they have good breeding practices. Ask for advice from the Red Nose owner community, and ask for advice on breeders and puppies.

The rarity of these dogs means the price will probably be higher. Red Nose Pit Bull puppy usually goes for $2.000 - $3.000, but dogs with great breeding lines that come from the Old Family Red Nose strain can reach a price of more than $10.000.

Before you decide to go for a Pit Bull, keep in mind that these dogs need confident, experienced owners and that this is not a dog breed suitable for everyone.


Pit Bulls are one of the most commonly seen dogs in shelters, so if you decide that you want to adopt, there is a good probability that you will find red nose Pit Bull in your local shelter. There are many dedicated Pit Bull shelters where you can find these dogs. Contact them for more information and adopting requirements.

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