Canis Panther - Black Hybrid Guardian

Canis Panther - Black Hybrid Guardian

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The Canis Panther is a fairly young, designer dog breed developed in the 1970s United States. It is an impressive breed that was created to become the greatest guard dog. This hybrid is fairly unknown in the mainstream cynology circles, so don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard that name before.



23 - 30 in



130 - 150 lb




 Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy:

9 - 11 years

Creation of the Canis Panther

Like any other designer breed, the Canis Panther is a mix of several dog breeds. In the 1970s, there weren’t many guard dogs available, so a famous American dog trainer and breeder, “Scorpio” Jones, decided to create one. Jones decided to mix robust and loyal guard dogs that had, what he considered, necessary traits an ideal guard dog should have. He decided to crossbreed four different breeds;

Each of these breeds had specific traits Jones wanted to promote and breed into the Canis Panther. Mr. Jones chose the Great Dane for its size and mellow temperament. The Labrador Retriever is known for its working ability and command following ability. Amstaff and Doberman were used for their protective nature and bravery. That is precisely what he was looking for in the perfect guard dog; a dog breed that was large, powerful, able to follow commands, and easy to train.

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Canis Panther appearance

The Canis Panther has a slick and “dangerous” appearance. Traditionally, these dogs had docked tails, cropped ears, and dewclaws removed. Most people think of dogs with cropped ears as vicious or dangerous. The truth is that ears are cropped only for cosmetic reasons. There isn’t any scientific proof that cropped ears provide any benefits for the dog.

The formidable Canis Panther is a large dog that can reach the height of 23 - 30 in at the withers and weigh up to 144 lbs. As you can see, it is a relatively strong and powerful dog. They have short and shiny coats, usually black. These dogs are incredibly muscular; you can clearly see every muscle on their body, which is a characteristic that their creator Mr. Jones wanted to promote.

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These dogs can come in different colors, and usually, these colors are black, brown, grey, or blue. Their eyes are almond-shaped and mostly brown, amber, and rarely blue. If you ever have the privilege of meeting a Canis Panther, don’t be surprised if they have a bit of a different appearance. Tail docking and ear cropping are mostly forbidden in western civilizations, so if you run across one, it will most likely have uncropped ears and a full tail.

The Canis is an impressive breed, so why not get them a harness that will highlight their unique appearance. The Rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness will make your dog stand out in the crowd; plus, it will not choke them if they happen to pull on a leash a bit.

Canis Panther character

Guard breeds should have specific character traits to be able to perform guard duties. The Canis Panther displays all of these characteristics, which is why they are so good at guarding. These dogs are fiercely territorial and will not tolerate intruders without reacting. They are blindly loyal to their families and will protect them at all costs. They will love the whole family; however, they will also pick a single member to be their true owner.

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The Canis Panther can display aggressive and dominant behavior, so it is vital to train them, socialize them, and set a clear set of rules these impressive black dogs have to obey. This is not a breed that should be taken lightly or be owned by an inexperienced owner.

Are these dogs intelligent?

This is considered a reasonably intelligent designer dog breed. These dogs are fast learners and will benefit from regular training and physical and mental activities.

Is Canis Panther good for families?

It is excellent for families that are requiring personal protection. However, such protective and territorial breeds should always be carefully supervised while interacting with kids.

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Are these dogs generally healthy?

This breed hasn’t been around to be adequately studied yet, so it is impossible to know all potential health problems they are prone to. We know that they are prone to hip dysplasia, gastric dilatation-volvulus, and dilated cardiomyopathy. The Canis Panther has an average lifespan of 11 years.

Black Canis Panther Pitbull

This is not a breed that is widely known and popular, so it is not a huge surprise that people often mistake them for Pit Bulls. These dogs have been described as “black Panther Pitbulls.” While there is some resemblance, the difference between the Canis Panther and Pit Bulls should be easy to spot.

Creating a breed

Nearly all known dog breeds were created and “modified” by humans. Dogs were “developed” and selectively bred for thousands of years to promote their desirable traits. Bird dogs should be best at hunting birds, retrievers should be best at retrieving, and guard dogs should be great at guarding.

Even though no major cynology association does not recognize the Canis Panther, breeders and breed enthusiasts are working on creating healthy and desirable bloodlines. This breed was created in the 1970s, so establishing the breed standard and studying it should be the next logical step. Some pedigrees have been established, but it is still a long way to go for this breed to get any sort of recognition. Later in the development of the breed, the Cane Corso was introduced to add muscle mass to the Canis Panther.

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Buying a Canis Panther

If you are interested in buying a Canis Panther, make sure you check your local laws. These dogs are on some lists that name them “dangerous” dogs, so these dogs’ ownership can be forbidden or restricted. Check the full list of the most dangerous dog breeds here. No matter if you are buying a designer dog breed or a “traditional” pureblooded dog, make sure to find a reputable and responsible breeder that takes care of their dogs. Quality breeding is responsible for quality dogs. That is the only way you can ensure your new Canis Panther puppy will have the best possible start.

How much does a Canis Panther puppy cost?

Designer dog breeds are often quite expensive. It can be hard to find a decent breeder, and they often have long waiting lists. If you manage to find one, prepare to pay between $2.000 and $3.000 for your new puppy.

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