Dog breeds

If you are trying to find what dog breed is right for you, search our complete list of more than 400 dog breeds recognized by the FCI and AKC. Find detailed dog breed profiles that include breed description, characteristics, pictures and more. Explore the list and find a dog breed that suits you the best.

Halden Hound

Halden Hound is a medium-sized hunting dog originating from Norway. These dogs got their name after a town in Norway &ndas...
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Hamiltonstovare is an agile and affectionate hunting dog breed from Sweden. This is a versatile scent hound that was originally bred for fox and hare hunting. These dogs have an ex...
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Hanoverian Scenthound

Hanoverian Scenthound is an independent and loyal dog breed originating from Germany. They are great hunting dogs with strong loyalty to their master. They are not suited for city...
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Harrier dog is medium-sized, friendly, and people-oriented, and it was originally bred for hare hunting. Many people mistake this dog for their cousin
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The Havanese is a small-sized dog breed, a member of the Bichon family of dogs. This breed is named after the capital of Cuba – Havana. The dog was the native lapdog of Cuba&...
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The Hokkaido (also called the Ainu) is a powerful, medium-sized, strongly-built dog originating from the Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan. The Hokkaido is one of the six native Japanese...
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The Hovawart is a fairly old German dog breed that has been around for about 800 years. Its name consists of two words, “Hova,” which can be translated as “yard
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Hungarian Greyhound

Hungarian Greyhound is a large and loving dog breed originating from Hungary. They come from a scent hound family, and they were originally been bred for hunting purposes. Hungaria...
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Hygen Hound

Hygen Hound is a medium-sized dog breed that is considered to be pretty rare. These dogs can mostly be found in their native land, where they are used for working purposes. Hygen H...
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