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Portuguese Podengo

Last updated: Aug 31 2023

Portuguese Podengo is an intelligent, alert, and playful dog from the hound family that originates from Portugal. These dogs are full of love for their family, they are watchful dogs, and they don't make friendly bonds with strangers very easily.

FUN FACT: By the AKC standard, these dogs are divided into 2 variants – grande and medio, and by the FCI standard, they are divided into 3 variants – grande, medio, and piccolo.

The larger Portuguese Podengo was used for dear and boar hunting, while the medium-sized version was used for rabbit hunting. These are very active dogs, and they are capable of entertaining themself by playing with toys and other dogs and by exploring the house and yard.

Portuguese Podengo


16-28 in (41-71 cm)

Portuguese Podengo


35–66 lb (16–30 kg)

Portuguese Podengo



Portuguese Podengo

Life Expectancy:

10-12 years

Dog Breed Characteristics

Energy Level
Grooming Needs
Exercise Needs
Kid Friendly
Dog Friendly
General Health



  1. Small: 8-12 in (20 - 30 cm)
  2. Medium: 16-21 in (40 - 54 cm)
  3. Large: 21,5 - 27,5 in (55 - 70 cm)


  1. Small: 8,8-13 lb (4 - 6 kg)
  2. Medium: 35-44 lb (16 - 20 kg)
  3. Large: 44- 66 lb (20 - 30 kg)

Portuguese Podengo


All sizes of the Portuguese Podengos come in two coat variants: wire and smooth. Both coat types require proper levels of grooming to keep these dogs looking good. Wirehaired Podengos needs weekly grooming and brushing to keep the hair under control and to avoid the forming of mats and tangles.

Wirehaired dogs will shed moderately. Smooth-coated Podengos need a little less brushing, but that doesn't mean you should never brush them. In order for them to look good, regular brushing is a must.

Portuguese Podengo coat color:

  • Yellow and white
  • Fawn and white

General care

As with all the other dogs, eve Portuguese Podengos require proper general care to be healthy and clean. You need to trim their nails regularly (when you hear them clicking on the floor), brush their teeth to prevent bacteria development and secure a fresh breath.

Their ears should be checked regularly to avoid infections. If you notice redness, wax build-up, or a bad odor that can indicate an ear infection, you need to take your dog to the vet.

portuguese podengo


Portuguese Podengos are active dogs that require the proper amount of activities to be happy. Medium size Podengo is more active than the larger version who will rather enjoy his time on the couch.

These dogs are playful, energetic, and intelligent, but they are not always very easy to train. Portuguese Podengos need a firm owner who will know how to work with them. Training should be fun and consistent if you want your dog to participate. You need to be firm but never harsh. Podengos reacts best to the training full of treats and praises.

TIP: If you are not sure how to properly train your dog, we advise you to seek professional help.

Portuguese Podengo


Podengos are friendly and adaptable dogs that can get along well with everybody. They can fit into an apartment living but are best suited for houses with a big yard where they can snoop around.

Socialization will play a big part in your dog's life. It is advised that you start with a socialization process as soon as possible. Expose your dog to many different situations, dogs, people, sights, and sounds so he can learn how to properly reacts in many different situations.

Portuguese Podengo

Kids and other animals

Podengos are good dogs, and they are fitted for families with children. They have enough energy to play with kids for hours. With the smaller version of Podengos, you need to be careful while they are around small children because they can easily hurt the dog because of their small size.

Before you let your kids play with the dog, you must teach them how to properly interact and play with the dog.

Podengos, in general, get along with dogs and animals and especially if they are raised together. With strange dogs, you need to introduce them carefully, but it's all up to socialization. If you do the socialization part right, you don't have to worry about your dog.

Health problems

Portuguese Podengos are healthy dogs with a life span of 10-12 years. To ensure you will get the healthiest puppy possible, never buy it from an irresponsible or puppy mill breeder. Responsible dog breeders regularly check their breeding dogs to ensure their puppies are healthy.

Portuguese Podengo

Podengos are prone to:

Portuguese Podengo breeders

The popularity of these dogs is on the rise in the US, but still, they can mostly be found in their native land – Portugal. When searching for Portuguese Podengo breeders, always find reputable ones if you want to get a healthy puppy. While talking to breeders, always ask them to show you the health certificates of their breeding dogs so you can be sure that their puppies will be healthy as well.

Podengos are excellent companions with whom you can enjoy spending time. Proper socialization and training are required if you don't want your dog to develop behavior problems.

Photo by: Nina Fisler

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Updated at31.08.2023.

Breed History

Podengoes are developed in different sizes because of their functionality. Larger dogs were used for dear and wild boar hunting, while the smaller ones were used for rabbit hunting. These dogs had little to no interference from the other breeds, and they were practically isolated in the western part of Europe.

FUN FACT: Portuguese Podengo is a National Dog of Portugal.

Portuguese Podengo

These dogs came to the US at the beginning of the 1990s, and their popularity is on the rise.