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American English Coonhound

Last updated: Aug 31 2023

American English Coonhound is a sweet, good-natured, and loving dog that was bred for hunting purposes. They are excellent workers, but when they are off duty they can be great family dogs. Very intelligent, easy to train, and energetic makes, these dogs are very adaptable to any situation.

American English Coonhound


23-26 in (58-66 cm)

American English Coonhound


45-65 lb (20-30 kg)

American English Coonhound



American English Coonhound

Life Expectancy:

11-12 years

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We bring you the top 9 fun facts about American English Coonhounds for a better understanding of what these dogs have to offer:

1. Great Watchdogs

American English Coonhounds are loud dogs that will alert you if anything suspicious is going on because they make friendly bonds too easy and too fast they are not the best choice for guard dogs. They take their job very seriously, and you don't have to worry that they will fail at their task as watchdogs.

2. Pack animals

Although these dogs are more than capable of hunting on their own, they prefer to be in packs. During hunting, they are very passionate and stubborn in pursuing their prey. Very dedicated hunters with a lot of energy make them capable of hunting for hours.

American English Coonhound

3. Bye Bye Racoons

American English Coonhounds specialized in raccoon hunting. The most common hunting technique that these dogs used was treeing, where the dog would force animals to climb up the tree so the hunter could have a better shot.

Besides the raccoons, they were used for hunting cougars and bears.

4. Sensitive nose

Like most hunting dogs, even the American English Coonhounds have sensitive noses that instantly detect the interesting scent, and in most cases, they will not resist following that scent.

It is advised that you never let your dog off-leash in unsecured areas because he could wander around following an interesting scent.

5. Shared ancestry

American English Coonhound shared the same history as all other Coonhounds. This breed was developed from „Virginia Hounds. “ At an early age, these dogs were hunting foxes during the day and raccoon during the night.

6. George Washington – proud father

One of the first people to own this dog was the first president of the US- George Washington. He played a large role in developing this dog breed as we know it today.

7. Nesters

American English Coonhounds are known to be obsessed with making themself comfortable. They will always seek the most comfortable spot in the house.

Because of that, if you are thinking about getting this dog and you don't want your dog to climb into bed on or couch, this dog will not be the best suited for you.

8. Talk much?

Research put these dogs high on the list of the most talkative dog breeds in the World. That is a way for them to express themselves.

9. Nicknamed Redtick Coonhounds

American English Coonhounds are sometimes called the Redtick Coonhounds, referring to their most common hair color. Their coat is medium-long and besides the red, it can come in other color variants including:

  • blue and white ticked
  • tricolored with ticking
  • black and white
  • red and white


Originally bred for hunting, American English Coonhounds still fill that role in raccoon hunting. Today they can mostly be found as family dogs and companions, and they are excellent in that role. These dogs love all family members, especially children, and they can get along well with other canine friends. They are full of energy and personality; you will surely not make a mistake if you go for one of these dogs.

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Updated at31.08.2023.