When Do Puppy Teeth Fall Out & When To Worry

When Do Puppy Teeth Fall Out & When To Worry

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Congratulations, you got yourself a new puppy. Getting used to living with a new puppy can be challenging, and there are many things you will have to learn. One of those things is caring for puppy teeth. Many first-time owners asked us: "Do puppy teeth fall out?". When it comes to teeth in puppies, there are a few things you will have to know to not get surprised and to provide proper care for your puppy.

This article will go through all the information you need about their teeth, good care, and what to watch out for.

How many teeth do newborn puppies have?

When they are born, puppies will have no teeth, much like human babies. But quickly after their birth, they will develop a set of 28 baby teeth. Their baby teeth will start growing around 2 weeks old, and when they reach 2 months, their baby teeth will all be grown out. 

When do puppy teeth fall out?

After the initial 4 months of their life, you could start noticing their baby teeth fall out. In 6- 8 months, they will lose all their baby teeth and replace them with adult teeth.

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An 8-month-old puppy should have a set of 42 adult dog teeth.

How to know if your puppy is losing teeth?

Besides noticing your puppy baby teeth on the floor of your house, your puppy's gums could start bleeding. Your puppy can be a little uncomfortable and will begin to chew everything. This is the period of their life when they will chew everything they find around the house.

To prevent your puppy from destroying your house and furniture, you must get him a good chew toy or a few toys. Chew toys are specifically designed to help puppies with teething while providing extra safety for your puppy.

If your puppy chews on furniture, there is a possibility that he will injure himself, while with the chew toys, that risk is reduced.

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WORLD DOG FINDER TIP: Put a chew toy in the freezer, which will provide your puppy with a cool toy and will reduce pain.

Is it normal for puppies to lose teeth?

It is entirely normal for your puppy to lose teeth. Their baby teeth need to be replaced with new adult teeth. The period of losing teeth can vary from puppy to puppy, but in general, all puppies will have a new set of adult teeth when they are 8 months old.

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We asked our in-house vet to give some advice for owners whose puppies lose their teeth, and this is what she said:

"When you notice your puppy has lost its baby teeth, you shouldn't be worried, and the best thing you can do is provide your puppy with a good chew toy to help with teething. The only time you should worry about your dog/puppy losing teeth is if their adult teeth start to fall out. In this case, you should immediately seek vet help and schedule an appointment."

What if a permanent tooth is coming out and the puppy hasn't lost baby teeth?

A medical condition called retained deciduous tooth will happen if your puppy's permanent teeth grow in spaces where the baby teeth haven't fallen out. In this case, you should contact your vet and schedule an appointment so your vet can remove the baby tooth that blocks the adult tooth. This condition is nothing serious, and your vet will resolve this problem. However, if you don't seek your vet's help, your dog could have problems and be in pain.

How to prevent dental diseases in puppies?

To prevent teeth problems, you should regularly brush your dogs' teeth and use toothpaste that is safe for dogs. You should never use human toothpaste since it contains xylitol which is highly toxic to dogs.

You should never pull out your puppy's baby teeth since it can break the roots and you can cause many different problems for your pup.

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VET TIP: You need to teach the puppy to get used to touching his teeth because it will be much easier for you to examine your puppy's teeth, but also, it will help later in his life with any other oral exam.

Whenever you notice something strange with your puppy's teeth, our advice is to call your vet and ask for advice.

How to choose the best chew toy for my puppy?

If you are interested in keeping your fingers, toes, shoes, clothes, or furniture safe from tiny needle-sharp puppy teeth, you should seriously consider puppy chew toys.

Not all toys are safe or practical, and if your puppy needs help with their teething problems, there are a few things you should look for in puppy chew toys. There are toys specially designed to help puppies with teething. They will help them with their pain levels and numb the irritations they are feeling.

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It is normal for puppies to lose teeth, and you have nothing to worry about. During this process, you will have to find a way to help your puppy with the pain he is feeling. The best thing you can do is to get him a chew toy to reduce the pain and keep your furniture, clothes, and other items in your home free of bites.

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