You Have To See These Photographs Of Jumping Dogs!

You Have To See These Photographs Of Jumping Dogs!

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If you’re looking for a unique present for your dog or your dog-owning friend, a professional photography session is always a good idea. We recently came across Nigel Wallace, a professional dog photographer that creates stunning and unique photos of - jumping dogs.

Photographer Nigel Wallace, a former Olympic rifle shooter who transitioned into the field of dog photography in 2018, produces unique photos for dog owners.

He said:

The footage is fantastic. Dogs can easily jump two or three feet off the ground. They're doing ”Superman Pose,” as I like to call it. You can almost draw a cloak on the back.

Nigel works with dog owners to get their pets to run towards the camera and jump over an obstacle.

He says:

All dogs are different - Spaniels have very big ears, and they will look different every time, Border Collies will stare straight at you as they jump.”

Here are some of our favorite shots Wallace took.

Jumping Border

jumping borderSource

Jumping Golden

jumping goldenSource

Border Jumping

border jumping Source

Nigel and Rosie

nigel and rosieSource

Jumping Poodle

jumping poodleSource



Jumping Black Lab

jumping black labSource

Jumping Spaniel

jumping spanielSource

Jumping Staffie

jumping staffieSource

As you can see, Wallace makes incredibly fun photographs of pets, and if you want to see more, you can check out Wallace’s official Instagram account.

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