World Dog Show Shanghai 2019

World Dog Show Shanghai 2019

30.03.2019. 18:23:06

The FCI World Dog Show is organized once a year. It takes in entries from all over the world and is famous for its largest scale and most valuable awards. This year the FCI World Dog Show will be held in Shanghai, China from April 30th to May 3rd. Interesting fact is that last time this event was held in Asia was 37 years ago.

Host of the event is China Kennel Union (CKU) that was established in 2006 and is official partner with FCI in China. China Kennel Union promised all the visitors that they will enjoy the unique show and also a numerous dog-related activities. During the period of show, there will even be held differently themed seminars in order to increase the knowledge on dogs. 

Shanghai World Expo exhibiton and convention center is the home of 2019. World Dog show

In order to participate in the show, all dogs entering China must have proof of DHP and rabies vaccinations (which must be done at least 30 days before arrival in China), must bring their health certificate and their rabies antibody test report (blood test) and, naturally, they must be microchipped.

Important thing to remember is that the new agreement has reached with the Shanghai Quarantine bureau that ONE PERSON can be accompanied by TWO DOGS.

Last day to entry the World Dog Show in China is April 1st, so if you are interested in attending the show, hurry up, visit and sign up because maybe it is your dog that is the most beautiful one in the world.

Good luck!

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