Happy World Animal Day dog lovers!

Happy World Animal Day dog lovers!

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Happy World Animal Day dog lovers! 

World Animal Day is a social movement recognized worldwide. Every year on October 4th the whole world is raising awareness around general issues affecting animals. World Animal Day is celebrated on October 4th because the same day is Saint Francis of Assisi feast day, who was an environmentalist and animal protector, known for vegetarianism and the love he had for animals. World Animal Day is dedicated to improving the status and welfare standards of animals around the globe.  On this day we draw attention to animal issues and we remind people how important it is the man's relationship with animals. 

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World Animal Day is celebrated in various ways, usually through encouraging animal welfare organizations, and through organizing seminars and events dedicated to this day.

World Animal Day has a long history. It all started in 1925 when German cynologist Heinrich Zimmermann organized the first-ever World Animal Day at Sports Palace located it Berlin, Germany. More than 5,000 people attended the first event. In 1931, at an International Animal Protection Congress in Florence, Italy, Zimmerman made a proposal to make 4th of October World Animal Day. That proposal was accepted unanimously.

The main idea of this day is to emphasize the importance of animals in our lives. Every day, the lives of animals are affected by the actions of individuals, businesses and nations. Although they have an important role in our lives, animals are victims of human selfishness and violence. It is important to mobilize people for action. Together we can make better future for animals.

How can you join World Animal day?

We all can have an impact and World Animal Day should be a global event where animal lovers join hands and fight for animal rights in their counties, cities, states, and countries. There are many events happening around the world and if you are unable to join, you can always post on social media and spread awareness about animal rights violations in your country.

We have dedicated our lives to dogs and it hurts us to know that there are a lot of dogs out there who are mistreated, beaten, violated, and used for illegal activities. Sometimes, all of that seems a little bit overwhelming. Thankfully, organizations and events such as World Animal Day allow us to join the good fight. 

What can a movement such as World Animal Day achieve?

For the past 2 centuries, social movements have played a key role in driving change in our society. Maybe one voice can’t do much, but millions of voices can make a huge impact. It is our way to influence bad politics, fight social injustice, and making lawmakers make necessary changes and reforms.

World Animal Day achievements:

1. Amina Abaza who is the head of Society for the Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt used the foundation World Animal Day has made to successfully lobby addition to Egypt’s animal welfare laws.
2. World Animal Day managed to get governments worldwide involved and various government branches make their contribution.
3. Sudan’s Animal Care & Environmental Organisation made historic legislation about animal protection and welfare. This legislation was made possible by raising awareness about various animal issues in Sudan, thanks to movements like World Animal Day.
4. Lebanon and Columbia made a nation-wide resolution that  World Animal Day should be commemorated every year and in doing so, they helped raise awareness about various issues with animal welfare in both countries.

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World Animal Day achieved a lot for animals worldwide and we are happy to see that social change and change towards animals and their rights are coming to all countries in the world. We bring you a list of things you might not have known about World Animal Day.

1. Growing audience

At first, World Animal Day was only celebrated in a handful of countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, and Germany. After a large congress in Florence, Italy, Mr. Zimmermann made his proposal to make October 4th an international World Animal Day.

2. World Animal Day prizes

There is a way you could win prizes on World Animal Day. Every year more than 1.000 events are held worldwide in order to help raise awareness and if you use #WorldAnimalDay on social media, you will automatically be eligible to win a prize in one of those events.

3. New events and organizations

World Animal Day was used as an inspiration for numerous other organizations that are devoted to helping animals. From animal shelters organizations, marine organizations, shark protection, marine mammal protection act, etc. World Animal Day is credited for a lot of good things and especially for lobbying and influencing lawmakers around the world to push animal rights and welfare laws.

Make sure that you join this growing movement and help us provide a better life for all animals around the world!

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