What is Totalcool?

What is Totalcool?

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What is Totalcool?

Totalcool is a portable evaporative air cooler that runs on three voltages: 12v, 24v and standard. It's easy to use - just pour 1.5 liter of water into a Totalcool air cooler, plug it in, select a speed and the cooling can start.

Will the Totalcool portable air cooler cool my room or car like a standard air cooler?

Standard air conditioning is hard to beat considering it runs at 240V!

A standard air conditioner contains many complex and expensive components. These systems require many permanently installed parts, such as compressors, condensers, evaporators and refrigerant gas for air cooling. Air conditioning for a vehicle or household requires enormous power to be used.

Evaporative cooling may vary depending on various conditions such as ambient temperature and humidity. Test results show that the Totalcool portable air cooler can provide air temperatures up to 45% cooler than ambient air using only room temperature water!

Test results taken at 40 °C with a humidity content of 12% showed a temperature of 21 °C and this was achieved using only room temperature water!

How long will water last in the Totalcool portable air cooler?

Water consumption largely depend of the speed of the air cooler and temperature in which the air cooler is used.

Under normal conditions, 1.5 liters of water will supply the Totalcool air cooler for 30-hour when using the lowest speed option, which is adequate for cooling air while sleeping.

Will any damage occur if Totalcool air cooler runs out of water?

Totalcool portable air cooler can be used without adding a water in high humidity conditions.

Also Totalcool portable air cooler has a built-in window through which you can clearly see how much water is left.

How long will the battery last?

The Totalcool portable air cooler only uses 1.8 amps at maximum speed.

Generally, the lowest cooling speed is more than sufficient when sleeping (uses only 0.3 amps).

For longer periods of using the Totalcool air cooler, it is recommended to use battery with deep cycle.


The Totalcool 3000 contains a new battery protection that will shut off the air cooler if voltage drops below 11.2 volts.

- LOW SPEED - 157 hours *

- BOOST SPEED - 59 hours *

* Totalcool test results with 100Ah deep cycle battery. Testing ended when the battery was drained to 10.5 volts.


Most caravans, 4WDs and boats are equipped with secondary "deep cycle" battery systems, sometimes with larger than 100 Ah batteries for extended power supply to devices such as refrigerators and coolers etc.


The following results are achieved by using a standard 12V 60Ah * car battery with Totalcool until the battery voltage was reduced to 12V - this ensures reliable vehicle startup!

- LOW SPEED - 42 hours

- BOOST SPEED - 10 hours

 * Examples of power draws from a battery were recorded using a fully charged Lion 22F-520 car battery (12volt 60 Ah), which ran Totalcool 3000 until the battery voltage dropped to 12 V (the battery was not connected to the car). Individual results may vary depending on the battery specification.

What is the noise level?

The sound level produced by the Totalcool portable air cooler is quieter than the one in a car. The noise level ranges from 46dB (low speed) to 59dB (maximum speed) at 1 meter.

Totalcool portable air cooler produces a relaxing and gentle sound.

Totalcool portable air cooler can be used in almost any environment and vehicle!

Can I get spare parts for my Totalcool air cooler?

Yes, we have the spare parts you will need for your Totalcool portable air cooler.

** our TotalCool warranty is valid for two years from the date of purchase of any Totalcool 3000 unit; the warranty does not cover the loss in performance due to damage caused during the manufacturing process or in relation to the materials used. It is our obligation under this warranty to repair, or replace, these parts without charge.

Problems because of careless handling, damage or consequential damages caused by repairs made by unauthorized repairers on your Totalcool 3000 unit will not be covered under warranty.

The warranty does not include an air filter.

The guarantee is valid only if the original purchase invoice is provided.

You can find Totalcool portable air cooler in our webshop!

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