Top 10 Most Bizarre Dog World Records

Top 10 Most Bizarre Dog World Records

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Dogs are a man’s best friend and have been for thousands of years. We believe that all dogs are awesome and every single one of them is unique and deserves our unconditional love.

There are dogs of all different sizes and shapes and here we want to focus on the extremes and the amazing things dogs can do. Thanks to the Guinness World Record organization and their relentless work, we can bring you the best and weirdest world records held by dogs. Check out this amazing list.

1. Best dog goalkeeper

A lot of dogs like to play fetch and tennis balls can be some of their favorite toys. Some are better at playing than others and the best dog goalkeeper in the world is a 9-year old Beagle by the name of Purin.

She and her owner by the name of Makoto Kumagai, hold the world record for most balls caught with paws in a minute. Purin is a skilled catcher and the owner shot small footballs at her while the dog caught them with their front paws. She managed to catch 14 balls in a minute.

beagle with the ball

2. Longest dog ears ever

Some dog breeds have ridiculously long ears as they were specially bred to have that specific trait. Long ears helped their hunting and tracking abilities and the dog breed that is most famous for their long ears and tracking ability is the Bloodhound.

The record holder for the longest ever dog ears was a Bloodhound by the name of Trigger and was owned by a couple that lived in the USA.

The Trigger was one of the best specimens of his breed and was indicted to the Bloodhound Hall of Fame in 2003. He holds many dog show titles and was crowned as “Best of Breed” over 170 times. He holds the record for longest dog ears and the length of both his ears was a staggering 27,25 in (69,1 cm). His right ear was slightly longer and measured 13.75 in (34,9 cm)while the left ear was “only” 34,2 cm (13.5 in) long.

Trigger sadly passed away in 2009.

dog ears

3. Tallest dog ever

As many of you surely expected, the tallest dog ever is, of course, a Great Dane. His name was Zeus and he measured a height of 44 in (1,118 cm). Zeus was a great dog that was very loyal to his family. He became quite a celebrity in his home town of Otsego, in the USA where he attracted curious glares wherever he went. He weighed 155 lb (70.3 kg) and ate approximately 60 lb (26 kg) of food every month. Zeus unfortunately passed away in 2014.

The current record holder is another Great Dane by the name of Freddie who is 3 ft 4.75 in tall. When Freddie stands on his hind legs he measures a staggering 7ft 4in (223,5 cm).

great dane

4. Longest tongue

Dogs have long tongues compared to their body and all dog owners are aware of that fact. The longest tongue ever measured was on a female St. Bernard called Mochi. Her tongue is 7,31 in (18,85 cm) long and holds the Guinness World Record since 2016.

5. Richest dog ever

Most of us heard stories about dog owners leaving their estates and legacy to their cats but there is also a story of Mrs. Ella Wendel and her Standard Poodle named Toby.

Mrs. Wendel lived in New York and she passed away in 1931. After she passed she left a decent portion of her assets to her Standard Poodle Toby. The Wendel family was famous and one of the wealthiest families of that time in the US and as we can see, she was devoted to their dogs. There were many speculations about her reasons and many tried to dispute her will. The only thing we know for sure is that her dog Toby ended up with 15,000,000 $ making him the wealthiest dog ever.

6. Oldest dog breed

There are still many debates going on about what the actual oldest dog breed is and many say breeds such as Mexican Hairless, Basenji, or Shar-Pei are the oldest but the confirmed pureblooded dog breed is actually - the Saluki.

These dogs have been around Pharaohs in Egypt as early as 328 BC and they were used as guards and hunters. The earliest depictions of dogs that greatly resemble a Saluki were found in caves in the ancient Sumerian areas and were dated as early as 7000 BC.

7. Smallest living dog

There are many tiny dog breeds and the holder of the World Record for the smallest is a Chihuahua called Brandy. Brandy lives in the United States of America and measures 6 in (15,2 cm) from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail. Chihuahuas are generally the smallest dog breed by their standards and Brandy is the tiniest of them all.

small chihuahua

8. Longest tail on a dog

Dogs can have tails of all shapes and sizes and some are even naturally born without a tail. The longest tail ever recorded on a dog was 30.2 in (76.8 cm) and the tail owner is a dog named Keon.

Keon is an Irish Wolfhound and that breed is generally very large so it is not a huge surprise that such an impressive tail was found on one of these dogs.

9. Long jump

Some dog breeds have impressive athletic abilities. The Greyhounds are known as the fastest dog breed in the world but a Greyhound named Bang holds a record for the longest jump ever performed by a dog. Bang broke the record while hair coursing in Great Britain and managed to produce a jump of 29 ft 11in (9,14 m). The longest jump ever performed by a professional human athlete was 29ft 4,5 in (8,95 m).

The dock jumping (dogs jumping in the pool) is different and doesn’t require dogs to land on their feet. The record for the longest dock jump belongs to a 4-year-old Whippet by the name of Sounders and he produced a leap of 36 feet 2 in (11,02 m).

greyhound jump

10. Most expensive dog

Many rare dog breeds can be quite pricey and you will have to reach deep in your pockets to buy such a dog. The most expensive dog ever was an 11-month-old Tibetan Mastiff. The dog in question was bred by a famous Chinese dog breeder by the name of Lu Liang and was bought by an anonymous Chinese millionaire. At the time of the purchase, the 11-month-old was weighing 180 lb (82 kg) and was enjoying a special diet that consisted mostly of chicken and beef.

The price that was paid for that dog - 1,513,417 $.

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