The Boxer

The Boxer

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The Boxer is dog breed developed in Germany in 1800s. They were bred for working purposes, especially for bull cart pulling, livestock herding, hunting and, also, for dog fighting. The Boxer was one of the first dogs used for police and military services (a pack carrier and messenger positions). By the 1900s, the Boxer was recognized as a great utility dog, show dog and family pet. They were brought to the U.S. after World War I, and was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1935.

The Boxer - characteristics

The Boxer is a medium-sized, short-haired, muscular dog, with a squarely proportioned body.  Male Boxers are from 22.5 to 25 inches in height and they weight from 60 to 75 pounds; females are a bit smaller and lighter than this. The Boxer has a black mask on the face. Because of the dark bown eyes and wrinkled forehead, Boxers always have curious look. Many of them have docked tails and cropped ears. If not cropped, the ears will hand down.

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The Boxer - shedding

They shed seasonally, but their coat needs only occasional brushing and it’s easy to maintain. The coat is shiny and comes in several shades of fawn and brindle. Boxers can have a recognizable marking called „flash“ where the chest, paws or face are white. They are clean dogs and they groom themselves, but they drool a lot. Also, most of them snore loudly!

FUN FACT: All or mostly white Boxers are not desirable because, genetically, white coloring is associated with deafness. Also, white markings covering more than one third of the body is a disqualification in the show ring.

The Boxer - temperament

The Boxer is an awesome human companion. The dog is energetic, intelligent, curious, outgoing, dedicated and loyal. Most of them get along well with other animal, although, sometimes, males can be aggressive towards strange dogs or dog of the same gender. They love children and are great playmates. They can be reserved to strangers but are not aggressive. The Boxer responds well to friendly people and will attack only when defending its family and home. Although they are big dogs, they are not meant to live outdoors. Their short hair doesn’t keep them warm in the winter, and their short nose doesn’t cool hot air efficiently in summer. This is why they need to be kept as housedogs. Boxers are very loyal to their family and wants to spend every minute of the day around their favorite people. If left alone for too long or kept away from their people, Boxers will become destructive and will destroy everything you own.

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The Boxer - training

The Boxer has a lot of energy, so daily physical and mental exercise is essential. These dogs love to run, to fetch, and to play in general. They mature slowly and act like puppies for a first few years. This breed requires consistent training, starting from an early age. They respond well to positive reinforcement and will act out if handled too harshly. The best way to train a Boxer is to make it into a fun activity for him. Don’t forget to give your Boxer plenty of daily exercise, because it is the best way to ensure good behavior.

FUN FACT: Because of their playful nature, a lot of energy, and the fact that they are considered fully grown at the age of three years old (which means that the Boxer has one of the longest puppyhoods in the world of dogs), the Boxer is often called the “Peter Pan” of the dog breeds.

The Boxer - health issues

Boxers have an average lifespan of 8 to 10 years and are prone to more health problems than other dog breeds. So, if you are planning to get yourself a boxer, be prepared to pay big bucks to veterinary care. More than any other dog breed, Boxers are prone to developing mast cell tumors, lymphoma and brain tumors. All and mostly white boxers can be sunburned and can develop skin cancer. Another common health condition in Boxers is Aortic stenosis/sub-aortic stenosis (AS/SAS). This is inherited, most common heart defect found in Boxers where there is problem with aortas and heart pumping blood to the body that can cause fainting and sudden death. Another health issue is Boxer cardiomyopathy (BCM). It is an inherited condition where the dog’s develops arrhythmia which can cause weakness, collapse and/or sudden death. Boxers are also prone to Hip Dysplasia (you can read more about HD here), Hypothyroidism, Corneal Dystrophy, allergies, etc.

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The Boxer - breeders

If you're buying a Boxer puppy, find a responsible breeder who will show you health clearances for both puppy's parents. Health clearances prove that a dog has been tested for and cleared of a particular condition. Also, meeting one of the puppy’s parents is recommended in order to ensure that they have nice temperament that you are comfortable with. When possible, meet the puppy’s siblings too.

Here at World Dog Finder we work exclusively with breeders of the highest standards and require them to send us the neccesery documents that show us they are registered with the FCI and their countries cynology association. 


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