Transmontano Mastiff

Transmontano Mastiff or Cão de Gado Transmontano is a dog breed that originates from Portugal. These dogs were used for guarding purposes. In 2020 they were recognized by the FCI on a provisional basis. This dog is not suited for first-time owners since they are independent and they require a lot of training and socialization to secure that you will not have problems with your adult Transmontano Mastiff. Transmontano Mastiffs are bred for working purposes and they require a lot of activities to be happy. They are the happiest when they work and have a job to do. They are the great protectors of hers and they will be a great family guardian.

Transmontano Mastiff


27–33 in (68–85 cm)

Transmontano Mastiff


110-165 lb (50-75 kg)

Transmontano Mastiff



Transmontano Mastiff

Life Expectancy:

9-12 years

Dog Breed Characteristics

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Transmontano Mastiffs have a thick and medium-long coat that required regular brushing to keep the coat clean, healthy, and without mats.

Transmontano Mastiff coat colors:

  • White with black, yellow, fawn, or wolf grey markings
  • Fawn
  • Yellow
  • Wolf grey

You will also have to check their ears regularly for any signs of infections (bad odor, redness, etc.). You can wipe their ears with the cotton ball dipped into an ear cleaner. Transmontano Mastiff teeth should be brushed weekly to remove tartar build-up and to secure fresh breath and healthy gums. Their nails should be trimmed when you hear their nails clicking on the floor.


Transmontano Mastiff is an active breed that requires a lot of activities to be happy. They were bred for working purposes and because of that, they are not the best fit for apartment living. They need a lot of space where they can wander around and spend their energy. It is not uncommon for these dogs to work for hours without taking a break and because of that fact if you want to have a happy dog you will have to meet their needs.


As with all other dogs, even Transmontano Mastiffs require proper and early socialization in order to trust your dog. With correct socialization, your dog will learn how it’s supposed to behave in many different situations he may find himself in. The socialization process starts as soon as you bring your Transmontano Mastiff puppy home. Expose him to many different situations, people, dogs, and sounds.

They can learn to react accordingly and understand that they don’t need to be scared of strangers and other dogs. They can adapt to any environment as long as you secure them with plenty of physical and mental activity.

Transmontano Mastiff and kids

Early socialization and proper training can teach them to behave even when children are around. Their temperament makes them more suitable for families with older children. If you train and socialize your dog well, your children will get a great playing partner that has plenty of energy. These dogs can play for hours upon hours without getting tired or bored. Your children will also get a guard dog that is naturally suspicious of strangers, and you can be sure that they will warn you about any potential dangers approaching your kids.

Transmontano Mastiff and other animals

Transmontano Mastiff gets along with other dogs and enjoys their company. With proper socialization, you don't have to worry that your dog will become aggressive or wouldn't get along with other dogs.


Transmontano Mastiff is a healthy dog breed with a life expectancy of 9-12 years. To be sure that you will end up with the best possible dog regarding health always buy him from responsible and official dog breeders. Because they regularly test their breeding dogs you can be sure that their puppies won’t have any inherited diseases.  Always ask to see the results of tests from the puppy’s parents.

Transmontano Mastiff breeders

When getting a dog, the most important thing is to get it from a responsible and reputable Transmontano Mastiff breeder. Responsible breeders will breed dogs that don’t only look good but have great characters as well. You must find a good Transmontano Mastiff breeder that can help you learn about this breed and make an informed choice about getting a dog with these characteristics. 

Transmontano Mastiff is not a very popular dog across the world so you must be patient if you want to get this dog. When trying to find Transmontano Mastiff breeders take your time and explore all your options.

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