RSPCA Warns: There Will Be A Lot More Abandoned Dogs

RSPCA Warns: There Will Be A Lot More Abandoned Dogs

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The RSPCA warns of an increased rate of dog abandonment as owners struggle to return to work and the overall living costs rise.

Animal welfare organizations are concerned that irresponsible breeders could end up with puppies that they cannot sell for profit. They could even reject them as demand and prices for dogs fall.

The RSPCA warns that as people return to work after the pandemic and struggle with the increased cost of living, more and more dogs and other animals will be abandoned.

One animal welfare organization recently rescued six puppies dumped in a crate along the main road in Kent and said they rescued 29% more animals over Christmas than the previous year at the same time.

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Dr. Samantha Gaines, a pet welfare expert for the RSPCA, said:

"We are seeing an increase in the number of animals abandoned and surrendered. We fear this could worsen as people return to the office or struggle with rising living costs.
One of the main reasons people do not take care of their pets properly, or abandon them, is the lack of research before purchasing a pet and the misunderstanding about the cost of owning a pet.

The average price of a dog in the UK in 2020 was $1.190.

That rose to $3.040 in March 2021, and by the summer, it had fallen to $2.497, and the trend continued to fall.

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Charities are also concerned that as demand and prices decline, irresponsible breeders could find themselves with puppies they cannot sell and may end up simply leaving them.

Tess Bond of Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter said they are also recording an increase in abandoned dogs and hope more people will consider re-adopting them rather than buying new puppies.

She said: “We see a lot of people who have lost their jobs because of COVID and can no longer afford their animals.
We get a lot of animals with health issues because the owners can't afford vet care. We definitely see people who took dogs during the pandemic now going back to work, and they have no more time for their pets."

The Malvern shelter manages to find homes for some of their dogs, including Bella, an energetic Husky. She will soon be going home with her new owner TJ Gibbons.

Bond added:

"I believe in second chances. So many dogs need that second chance - take Bella, for example - she had a loving home, but her owners simply couldn't take care of her anymore. It's not her fault, and she deserves the love every dog should get."

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