Newly recognized breeds by the AKC

Newly recognized breeds by the AKC

03.01.2020. 11:02:11

On January 1, 2020, the American Kennel Club recognized two new breeds: Dogo Argentino and Barbet.

The Dogo Argentino

The Dogo Argentino is a big and powerful breed that is already recognized by the FCI. This breed will be in the working group. The Dogo Argentino has a strong instinct to protect his home and his family. Despite being an excellent watchdog and fearless hunter the Dogo Argentino is a friendly and cheerful breed that is an excellent companion. He enjoys spending time with his family. Read more about Dogo Argentino.

The Barbet

The Barbet is a relatively rare, rustic, and medium-sized dog, known for his dense, curly coat and the ability to retrieve from water and hunt on land. The Barbet is a versatile gun dog who is believed to originate from France, in the 16th century, to hunt water game. Read more about Barbet.


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