KIA’s 2022 Super Bowl Ad: Is It Time for a Robotic Dog

KIA’s 2022 Super Bowl Ad: Is It Time for a Robotic Dog

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Super Bowl is scheduled on February 13th, and besides the big game, viewers can enjoy some of the most creative (and most expensive) commercials. Super Bowl commercials are, well, the Super Bowl of commercials, and some of the best ones are aired during the game. This year, the 3rd hour of the TODAY crew got a sneak peek of car manufacturer KIA’s new commercial that puts a totally different perspective on our furry friends.

Robo dog

Their commercial is called “Robo dog,” and it shows a new idea of getting a robotic dog. The commercial starts when a robotic puppy looks out of the store window at an owner that pets a real dog. The puppy gets sad, but then it spots a KIA driver unplugging his new KIA electric car. The robotic puppy becomes determined to make this man “its own” and starts running after the electric vehicle owner.

The Robo puppy dodges pedestrians, obstacles, and even runs on rooftops to reach its goal. As soon as it leaps from the building, its battery runs out, and the puppy’s eyes get dark. Luckily, the man catches the puppy and recharges its batteries. The man takes the Robo dog in his car and drives off. The tone of the whole commercial is set by Bonnie Tyler’s “Total eclipse of the heart,” which is a legendary hit that can quickly get anybody emotional.

How was the commercial made?

The Robo dog wasn’t easy to create. According to KIA’s press release, it took their animators more than 1.900 hours to make the Robo dog look realistic. They started making the commercial in July 2021, and it took them just over 6 months to completely finish it in time for the 2022 Super Bowl.

KIA is a successful car manufacturer, and they want to make the most of Super Bowl viewership. It is estimated there will be more than 100 million viewers in 2022. Only a few sporting events can provide such numbers. When KIA America’s marketing team got a question about the new commercial, its marketing vice president, Russell Wager, stated;

To introduce over 100 million viewers to the Kia EV6, we wanted to juxtapose the future with the emotions we all know and understand today- the love that can be shared between a human and an animal.”

This is a brilliant way to get viewers emotionally involved in the commercial, if you ask us. We can tell you that dog lovers will undoubtedly feel something because this commercial will surely remind them of their puppies.


To make the Robo dog’s movements realistic, not only did the animator team spend so many working hours, but they also studied one of the crew’s 14-week-old Labrador Retriever puppy. They watched and recorded him playing, running, sniffing, eating, and even recorded different facial expressions the puppy made.

The project behind the commercial

KIA’s primary goal is probably to introduce as many people as possible to their fantastic new electric vehicle, but that is not the only thing they’re trying to achieve. There is a bit more to the Robo dog commercial that initially meets the eye. KIA partnered with the Petfinder Foundation with the goal of getting new homes for shelter and rescue puppies. They are even launching a new app called “Robo Dogmented Reality.”

App users can scan a QR code that will show them what Robo Dog would look like in their home. It will also show them how a real dog would look in the same place. The idea is certainly noteworthy and commendable, and we hope they will succeed in their goal. When asked about this project, the Petfinder Foundation’s Executive Director, Toni Morgan, said;

Countless animals need loving and forever homes, and we hope to place many of them over the coming weeks. The human-animal bond is vitally important and can bring years of happiness, comfort, and companionship to both the animal and owner.”

All dog owners can confirm that. The bond and love we have for our dogs are absolutely staggering. Don’t be surprised if you’re caught off guard by it.

robo dog jumping

How can you participate?

If you’re not yet a dog owner but are looking into it, we should tell you that - yes, having a dog is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family. However, be realistic about your situation, budget, free time, and time you can devote to your dog. Having a dog is fantastic, but it is a huge obligation. If you think now might not be the right time, it is better to postpone the decision for a more favorable period of your life.

If you are ready for a dog and are certain you can take care of one, you should look into adoption. Some of the future dog owners know what breed they want, but if you just want a companion, adopting a dog is a noble thing to do. A quick Google search of Petfinder Foundation can tell you all about their goals and project, but most importantly - ways you can join. If you’re not up for that, simply looking into your local shelter is a fantastic way to start.

We all should strive for the goal of getting a home for every dog on this planet.

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