“I Sleep Naked in My Bed, And My Dog Sleeps With Me!”

“I Sleep Naked in My Bed, And My Dog Sleeps With Me!”

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A 24-year-old man revealed on Reddit that his girlfriend is “upset” because he is sleeping naked in bed with his dog. Sharing his confusion, the 24-year-old explained how he invites his dog to bed at night whether he sleeps dressed or not.

But his 23-year-old girlfriend was "upset" by the realization, claiming that "normal people don't do that."

In a recent interview, the 24-year-old said:

We've known each other for about a year because we have a close group of friends, and we've been dating for almost three months. We're at the point of our relationship where she starts spending the night. I also have a three-year-old Samoyed named Sheldon who lives with me.
He has his own bed, but sometimes he decides he wants to sleep with me, and I let him. The problem for my girlfriend is that I sleep naked. It's always been my habit. When she found out I allowed my dog ​​to go on the bed while I slept naked, she got upset and told me it was weird. I asked her why, and she just said - normal people don't do that. "

Finding his girlfriend’s reaction amusing, the man asked her what exactly was wrong with him sharing a bed with his dog while sleeping naked.

  • She was still upset; she insisted again that normal people don't do that.

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Jokingly, the man said he was pretending to flirt with Sheldon, and while petting the dog, he said things like, "It's okay; she just doesn't understand our love."

The 24-year-old added:

"This made her even more annoyed, and she finally asked whom I loved more - her or the dog. Easy answer - the dog. She ran out of the apartment. I think we're breaking up, but honestly, I can't feel bad about it. However, when I talked to my friends about it, they said it was a little weird that I let Sheldon on the bed at night, knowing I was sleeping naked. It made me think."

While most Reddit users wondered why his girlfriend was sexualizing a dog, others admitted to sleeping and showering in the company of their pets.

One user said:

When I rescued my first cat, she was perfectly happy while I was at work, but if I was at home, she wanted to be next to me, or she would be very upset. She was sitting on the edge of the tub while I took a shower. I wonder what she would do. a girl of this guy said that."

Another user said:

"I'm a naked person lying in my bed with two dogs and one naked husband. People are weird if they think it's inappropriate; it's just dogs."

The third added:

"I sleep naked with my dogs. This usually happens when it's really warm outside and when my dogs and cats love to curl up with us."

What do you think about dogs being allowed in bed while you’re naked? You can search for the discussion on Reddit and get involved in this topic which is an inexhaustible source of conflicting opinions.

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