God's Creatures Kennel

God's Creatures Kennel

09.07.2019. 12:18:00

The Siberian Husky is a charming, athletic, highly energetic, medium size working dog that is directly descended from the original sled dog. This breed is believed to have originated from the Chukchi – a tribe of Siberian nomads that used these dogs mostly for transportation purposes. Huskies are between 20 and 24 inches (between 51 and 61 cm) tall and they weight between 36 and 65 pounds (16-29 kg) depending on the sex – females are smaller and lighter. Their life span is 12 to 15 years. In the opinion of many, this breed is one of the most beautiful and most intelligent dog breeds. Although they have a mind of their own, are independent and not too eager to please people, Huskies are very desirable breed. Learn more about these fascinating dogs here.

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One of the people who fell in love with this breed established God’s Creatures Kennel FCI 12/16, situated in Kutjevo, Croatia. This kennels’ goal is to breed, what they believe is, a perfect dog – healthy, with easy-going character, dynamic temperament, agile movement; dog that is willing to please, intelligent, obedient, playful, active, happy, and beautiful.

The God’s Creature Kennel was established in 2016. Dogs that they breed are a part of the family; they live inside with their humans until it is time to go and live with a new family. Their puppies are being sold all over the Europe and the USA.

Whether you are looking for a family pet or for a dog show (or maybe both!), you won’t regret getting in touch with God’s Creatures Kennel. Their dogs are all vaccinated, microchipped; they have EU passport and pedigree FCI and transport is possible worldwide.

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