European Dog Show

European Dog Show

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There is one important upcoming event that we have to mention. That event is European dog show, that this year is organized in Wels, Austria, from 14th to 16th June 2019. A large number of exhibitors and visitors are expected at this show, mainly because last big dog show was held at Shanghai, China from May 2 to 3 2019.

European Kennel Club (EKC) is an organization that helps organize the event, give strong support in advertising, track the points earned by dogs in any event and award official certificates. The EKC is an organization that is dedicated to educating people about certificated dogs breeding. Also, this organization is in charge of approving various events related to dogs. Only purebred dogs certified by EKC are allowed to enter a dog show and a dog can be registered with the EKC only if its parents were. This way it is ensured that the dog that wants to register with the EKS and its ancestors are purebred.

Euro dog show 2019

Non-purebreds and designer dogs (dogs that are a mix between two different breeds, such as corgi husky mix or Pomeranian husky mix – these dogs do not have constant and certain features and every puppy will look different) cannot compete in dog shows.

There are three main types of dog shows: all-breed shows, specialty shows and group shows –a show in which only one of the seven dogs group (working, hound, sporting, terrier, toy, non-sporting, herding) can participate.

The European dog show has a tradition of awarding best performing breeds according to the FCI regulations, the winners are issued with certificates and the records are kept in the Diploma. Some of the awards include: European Winner of the Year, Puppy European Winner, Junior European Winner, Veteran European Winner. 

FUN FACT: Belgium was the first country ever to organise a dog show and that show took place in Tervuren, on May 28 1847 and this show was reserved for the pointer only, and they were judged by three judges.

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