Altobello Doberman

Altobello Doberman

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One of the most respected kennels that breed Dobermans is Altobello Kennel, located in the city Petrovaradin, in Serbia (Europe). Their story began in 1988, when the family of Mr. Lazar Sredojević decided to come back to Serbia (back then Serbia was part of Yugoslavia), after spending few years in Africa. He and his family decided to get themselves a dog and after careful consideration, they chose a Doberman.

Since the very first days with their pup, they fell in love with the breed. That first puppy was named ALTA. Alta was a simple family dog with no show ambitions. Once they visited a dog show and then realized that a Dobermann is a dog that requires a lot of training, a lot of attention and that their Alta could look much more beautiful and be more gracious. After that realization, Lazar started to train Alta regularly and soon he used her for breeding. From her first litter, Lazar Sredojević kept two dogs for himself - male SIGI DI BUM and female SANTA, and he used them as show dogs. They wanted to participate in the creation and reproduction of something so beautiful, gracious and, as they often say, perfect. Their dream came true in 1991 when they established Altobello Kennel.

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Since then, breeding quality dogs was the primary purpose for the Sredojević family. They raised litters with superior quality, gave them a lot of love and attention, fed them supreme food and vitamins. Their puppies were growing into perfect dogs. Their kennel became widely popular.

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Today’s kennel owner, Dejan Malbaša, bought the Altobello puppy in 1994. He became the owner of PLAYBOY – the grand-grandson of ALTA and that dog won first place in Euro Dog Show in Genova in 1998, which was a great recognition of quality breeding in just 3 generations. Because of Lazar’s bad health, the family decided to offer Dejan Malbaša to take over the kennel. Malbaša accepted the offer and he decided to bring to the Kennel new females with other bloodlines in order to improve their breed.

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That turned out to be a smart move – new females gave puppies with new distinctive quality which made them successful later in the future. To this day, they combine the best dogs with the most desirable genes in order to make their puppies healthy and beautiful, with excellent character. The Altobello Dobermann Kennel is a well-known kennel because they breed dogs with beautiful exterior and excellent character. 

Today, you can find Altobello dogs all over the world; they are in many countries and on almost all continents. Dejan Malbaša and his team are trying to stay in touch with every family that has their dog. Their biggest wish is to preserve the good and recognizable type of Altobello dogs and to work together with breeders and fans that are open to cooperation.

Every year, Altobello Kennel is visited by two thousand people from all over the world that share a love for this beautiful breed. The Altobello Dobermann Kennel was also twice awarded - on IDC 2005 and 2007 as BEST BREEDERS GROUP. 

FUN FACT: The owner of the Altobello Dobermann kennel calls his kennel the Dobermann Kingdom.

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