Why Do Dogs Like Bones So Much?

Why Do Dogs Like Bones So Much?

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It seems that all dogs would agree on one thing – bones are great. From the begging of time, dogs have been chewing bones, and they aren't afraid to show how much they adore them. But do you really know why that is? Why do dogs like bones so much?

The truth lies in the ancestors, and if your dog goes absolutely crazy about bones, you must understand that this isn't something he learned to do, but rather the inherited thing that was written in his genes.

As a dog owner, you must understand that giving your dog some bones can certainly cause some health issues for him, and because of that, you must understand all the benefits and possible health risks that bones bring. Only that way can you fully protect your dog and secure his health.

It all started with their ancestors

Chewing bones is in their nature, and they have been chewing them since the beginning. Before the dogs were domesticated, they needed to hunt to survive. After they managed to hunt their prey, they ate meat and their bones.

In today's world, wild canine still uses this technique, and they still eat bones as a regular thing. With domestication, our dogs managed to get all the important ingredients they needed in their well-balanced dog food. Because of that, they do not need to chew or possibly eat bones to survive or get any additional nutrients.

So when you see a dog chewing and eating a bone with such joy, you now understand that this is something that has been written in their genes.

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What are the benefits of chewing bones?

Bones are usually topic for many conversations between dog owners. And while some suggest that every dog should eat bones, others are strongly against it. The truth is that bones will offer your dog some benefits, but alongside with some problems.

These are all the benefits your dog could get from chewing bones

  1. Meat bites – on every fresh bone, there will be bites of meat on it, and it will serve as a reward for the dog.
  2. Cleaning teeth – chewing a bone will help your dog's teeth and can help remove tartar and plaque.
  3. Mental stimulation – chewing bones will give your dog enough mental stimulation to be happy.
  4. Bone marrow - contains many healthy nutrients that your dog could have, and eating bone marrow will save a starving animal's life.

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What are the health risks of chewing bones?

Depending on your dog and the type of bone you choose to give him, he could experience some health problems and concerns. Some are milder, while for some, you must have medical intervention.

Health risks connected to dogs chewing bones

  1. Meat bites – although this can be good, it can also be bad; meat left on the bone is a perfect condition and place for bacteria to develop. After your dog eats these meat bites, bacteria could cause him many problems.
  2. GI upset – depending on the type of bones, your dog could experience vomiting or diarrhea.
  3. Teeth problems – again, chewing a bone could be great for teeth but also bad for them. When a dog is chewing a bone, there is a possibility that he will break his tooth.
  4. Choking hazard – dogs have strong jaws and can crush some bones. When they crush them into smaller pieces, there is a risk of that small piece causing a rupture in his system, but also, your dog could choke if he decided to swallow a whole piece.

IMPORTANT: You should never give your dog cooked bones since they are pretty easy to break, and there is a higher possibility that your dog will end up with serious health problems, such as intestinal bleeding caused by a splinter of a bone.

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Do all dogs like bones?

According to our experience, all dogs will like bones in some way. That doesn't necessarily mean that they will all choose to chew them. Some dogs could see a bone as a toy they can play with, while others will try and eat them.

Dogs are different, and so is their view of the world. What we can say to you for certain – is if you allow your dog to chew and eat bones, he will get hooked and will thrive on good bones from time to time.

If you want to give your dog a bone, make sure you choose the right one to decrease the possibility of any health issues.

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Should you give bones to your dog?

As we said earlier, offering bones to your dog will have some benefits, followed by some risks. It will be up to you to decide if you should share a bone with your dog. If you do, ensure that you only give your dog a bone that will be safe for him to reduce the possibility of health problems.

IMPORTANT: Whenever you decide to give your dog a bone, you should always supervise him, and that way, you can ensure that if anything happens, you will be there to help.

When giving a bone to your dog, make sure that it is raw (never cooked), and always choose a bone that your dog will not be able to break into smaller pieces that can cause him much damage. Also, we would always suggest that you stay away from bones that have meat bites since bacteria can quickly develop and infect your dog.

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