Chicken Feet For Dogs - Are They Good & Should You Dog Eat It?

Chicken Feet For Dogs - Are They Good & Should You Dog Eat It?

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As a dog owner, you are fully aware that different pet brands offer a variety of dog food, treats, toys, etc. When you walk into a pet store, maybe your eyes notice chicken feet for dogs. At the first sign, they don't seem pretty, and you probably asked yourself, why would my dog eat that? Well, maybe you will have to try it.

We are here to tell you all the information you need about chicken feet for dogs. Are they good, and will they offer some nutritional value to your dog? Answers to these questions might surprise you. Let's start.

What are chicken feet?

Chicken feet are digestible for dogs, and although you have heard that you shouldn't feed your dog with chicken bones, chicken feet are different.

Chicken feet consist of:

  • Tiny bones
  • Skin
  • Connective tissue
  • Cartilage

As you may know, if you would offer your dog chicken bones, they could easily break, and sharp edges could create many problems for your dog. This is not the case with chicken feet since their texture is soft, and when the dog starts chewing them, they will crush and not break into sharp little pieces.


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Can dogs eat chicken feet?

The shortest answer is yes – dogs can eat chicken feet. There are many health benefits that they can offer your dog. However, there are always people who support giving dogs chicken feet, as well as those who strongly oppose it.

It will be up to you to decide if you want to give your dog this tasty treat. Let's look at all the benefits chicken feet can offer our dogs.

Are chicken feet good for dogs?

Chicken feet have some healthy ingredients that can help your dog's overall health. They consist of:

  • Protein
  • Glucosamine
  • Chondroitin

Besides the fact they are tasty treats that your dog will absolutely love, they will offer your dog benefits for his health. Many studies over the years have shown all the benefits chicken feet will offer dogs, including help with joint problems, arthritis, and overall mobility. Some even suggest that they will provide benefits for dental health.

1. Joint health

As we said earlier, chicken feet consist of glucosamine and chondroitin, which can be found in most store-bought joint supplements. These ingredients will help your dog and will provide health benefits for your dog. By giving your dog some chicken feet, you are providing him with a natural source of these healthy nutrients.

2. Dental Health

While your dog chews chicken feet, it will help them clean their teeth. However, you can expect your dog to have funny breath after eating chicken feet, but they will offer dental benefits. It is important to emphasize that you should regularly clean your dog's teeth with a brush and toothpaste specially designed for dogs nevertheless of giving your dog chicken feet. Chicken feet can serve as an addition to clean teeth.


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3. Arthritis

As you may know, arthritis in dogs will develop over time, and to help your dog, you will have to recognize early symptoms. There are a lot of things you can offer your dog to help him with arthritis pain, and most of them include glucosamine and chondroitin. They are some of the safest natural ingredients that can be used for the treatment of arthritis in dogs.

Can chicken feet be bad for dogs?

If fed right and in moderation, there are no known bad or dangerous things that your dog can experience. If you decide to give your dog chicken feet, make sure that you start slow and only offer him a small piece. If you own a smaller dog breed, ensure that your dog crushes chicken feet before ingestion because if he decides to swallow a bigger piece, there is a chance of choking.

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How many chicken feet can my dog eat?

Generally, 1-3 chicken feet daily will be enough for most dogs, and that amount will not cause any problems. Of course, it all depends on your dog and his size. It is advised only to share 1 piece of chicken feet for smaller dogs, while bigger and stronger dogs can have 3 pieces.

Before introducing anything new to your dog's diet, we advise you to always speak with your vet and ask him for advice.

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