Can You Share Turkey Bones With Your Dog?

Can You Share Turkey Bones With Your Dog?

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Turkey and turkey bones are closely related to Thanksgiving. When it comes to this time of the year, many dog owners often ask us: "Can dogs eat turkey bones?" and "What will happen if I share turkey bones with my dog?" Naturally, we would assume that the dogs can safely eat turkey bones. Well, not so fast.

Bones, in general, are a bit controversial topic among dog owners. While some constantly offer bones to their dogs, others will keep the bones away. The truth is that some bones can cause many different health concerns for your dog, and it is your duty as an owner to prevent this from happening. Let's take a look at why dogs and turkey bones are not such a good match.

Can dogs eat turkey bones?

Usually, dog owners will offer turkey bones to their dogs in two types – raw and cooked. Cooked bones are a big no when it comes to dogs, and you should never allow your dog to eat some. Raw turkey bones, in theory, can be given to dogs, but again, there are many health concerns, and we will always advise you to choose a different and safe food to share with your dog.


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What are the health risks of eating turkey bones?

Cooked turkey bones can cause different health problems for your dog, even if your dog eats only a small piece. These problems can quickly arise, and for most of them, your dog will need medical attention.

Turkey bones hazards include:

1. Cuts

Dogs can easily break weak bones, such as chicken and turkey bones. These splintered bones can quickly cause cuts in your dog's mouth and, more seriously, in your dog's GI system.

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2. Chocking

Dogs will naturally want to swallow bigger pieces of bones, and this is where problems can arise. These bone pieces can block your dog's windpipe and cause choking.

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3. Intestinal blockage

Small pieces of turkey bones that your dog can swallow can create problems in his system and cause blockage and constipation.

4. Teeth problems

Although this is not a major concern with turkey bones because they are fragile, your dog could destroy his teeth by chewing on these bones.

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What to do if your dog somehow eats turkey bones?

If your dog somehow managed to eat some turkey bones, you must understand all the possible symptoms that can arise to help your dog. The first thing you must check-up is to see if your dog swallowed the bone because there could be a situation where the bone will be stuck in your dog's throat and possibly can cause choking.

If your dog has swallowed the bone, you should look for symptoms that indicate he is experiencing some health problems.

These symptoms include

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Bloody stool
  • Nausea
  • General weakness
  • Dizziness

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Whether your dog shows any of the mentioned symptoms or not, you should always contact your vet if you assume that your dog has eaten turkey bones. It may seem that your dog is all right, but he might experience some health problems in no time.

Your vet will instruct you about your next steps. If your dog has managed to eat many turkey bones, he will probably suggest bringing your dog to the clinic as he may require surgery.

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How to keep turkey bones away from dogs?

We know that sometimes it can be hard to resist the puppy eyes your dog is giving to you, but you will have to do it. Sharing table scrapes with your dog can create all the mentioned problems, plus some more.

Offering turkey bones from your table will not only potentially cause choking or intestinal blockage, but he may also experience some GI upset since we like to prepare our food with many different spices, and most of them are toxic and bad for dogs.

Whenever you have turkey for the meal, you must secure that you keep it far away from your dog's reach; only by doing that you can ensure that your dog will not be able to grab one or two turkey bones.

TIP: If you can't resist your dog's eyes, you can offer him some turkey meat, but you must ensure it is plain without any additional seasoning and spices.


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Can dogs eat turkey bone broth?

While turkey bones are a big no for dogs, turkey bone broth is a big yes. Making bone broth from turkey bones is an excellent way of enriching your dog's nutrition.

After you make turkey bone broth, you can easily pour it over your dog's regular kibble or offer it to your dog as a drink.

Most dogs will love this bone broth since it adds flavor to their regular food. You can also put in some other healthy veggies when preparing the bone broth for even more flavor. Just make sure that you use the ones that are safe for dogs, such as carrots and celery.

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