Can Dogs Eat Strawberries

Can Dogs Eat Strawberries

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One of the best things about summer is fresh fruit. As soon as the weather gets warmer, the plants start producing the goods. Strawberries are probably one of our favorite fruits. Since we are dog owners, we asked ourselves, “Can dogs eat strawberries?” Are they good for them, or are there some hidden dangers we weren’t aware of? The good news is - yes, dogs can eat strawberries. However, there are a few things all dog owners should know and keep in mind.

Are strawberries beneficial for dogs?

Whenever we decide to introduce something new to our dog’s diet, it doesn’t matter if it is dog food, treats, or snacks; we ask ourselves if the new food will benefit our dog. That was the most important thing we wanted to know about strawberries. That’s why we called our vet and checked different online sources to learn whether strawberries are beneficial to our dogs. Here are some of the best things this tiny fruit can offer our dogs;

  • Low-calorie - One of the best things about strawberries is that they don’t contain many calories. They are healthy and sweet, and dogs love their taste.
  • Vitamin C - Dogs can produce their own vitamin C. Still, an additional boost can really benefit their immune systems and overall health.
  • Antioxidants - Strawberries are absolutely packed with antioxidants. They are fantastic because they fight free radicals and protect the dog’s body from cancer.
  • Fiber - This fruit is high in dietary fiber, which is essential for healthy digestion. Plus, dogs with GI issues, like diarrhea can really benefit from additional fiber.
  • Enzymes - One additional bonus strawberries have that other fruits don’t necessarily contain is teeth-whitening enzymes. This fruit is excellent for your dog’s pearly whites.

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Can they be bad for dogs?

Just like with anything else, too much of a good thing can be bad. Strawberries will not poison your dog, but if your dog eats too many, they will probably get an upset stomach. The high fiber content in strawberries can have the opposite effect, especially if your dog overeats. Instead of helping the dog’s digestion, it might speed it up and cause diarrhea.

Strawberries are quite small, which means they present a choking hazard. If you’re giving them to your dog, make sure your dog chews instead of trying to swallow them whole.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Before you decide to freely offer your dog some strawberries, call your vet. They will tell you if you should or should not feed your dog strawberries.

How to safely give strawberries to dogs?

The best way to give your dog strawberries will depend on the size of the dog you have at home. Smaller dogs have a higher risk of choking, so you should cut the fruit into small pieces first. Before you do that, thoroughly wash them and remove the stem. Strawberries can be treated with pesticides, and you don’t want that entering your dog. You can simply cut the berry in half or serve it whole if you have a larger dog.

Another cool way to serve them is mashed. Simply throw them into a blender, add other things your dog loves, like a tiny bit of honey, apples, or bananas, and serve in their bowl. You can also mix the blend in your dog’s usual kibble at mealtime.

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