Should You Share Pasta With Your Dog?

Should You Share Pasta With Your Dog?

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If you are anything like us, you absolutely love pasta. We love every kind - ramen, spaghetti, tortellini, macaroni, bigoli, mezzelune… The more, the better. Since we are dog owners, in more than one case, we caught ourselves thinking, “Can dogs eat pasta?” We started wondering if pasta is safe for dogs, so we decided to talk to our vet about it. He gave us a confusing answer, but in the end, the answer to the question is - it depends. Here’s what you should know about sharing some pasta with your dog.

Is pasta safe for dogs?

We already mentioned that the best possible answer is - it depends. If you wondered whether your dog could eat pasta, you should know there are a few things that you have to account for. The most important one is the ingredient list. For example, any kind of ramen is not safe for dogs simply because they are too salty.

Pasta has to be thoroughly cooked and to make it taste good, we add salt and oil. Those two ingredients are not the best choice for dogs. While they are delicious, dogs don’t really benefit from them. In fact, they have delicate sodium levels, so too much salt can lead to salt poisoning in dogs. If you are adamant about including pasta in your dog’s diet, you should give it to them plain and unseasoned. It is a lot better to include something safe and beneficial, like apples, in your dog’s diet.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Before you give any kind of pasta to your dog, make sure you read the ingredient list. Some types of pasta can include too much salt or seasoning not safe for dogs to consume.

Can pasta be bad for dogs?

The biggest problem with pasta is that it doesn’t really offer any health benefits to our dogs. In fact, it is not the healthiest option for humans. Too much can lead to weight gain, and obesity is a massive problem among American dogs. We have no doubt your dog would enjoy pasta, but we can’t see any good reason why you should give it to your dog.

Pasta contains grain, and if your dog has grain or gluten allergies, pasta should not be on the menu. Even if your dog is healthy with no allergies, you should really avoid giving them human foods that offer no health benefits, especially those that might cause them harm.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Before including pasta in your dog’s diet, make sure you talked to your vet. They know your dog’s medical history and can give you clear and good advice regarding your individual dog’s nutrition.

How to include it in your dog’s diet?

If your dog seems to be crazy about pasta, there are ways you can safely include it in their diet. However, since it doesn’t offer nutritional benefits, we would advise you against it. Nevertheless, some owners want to “sweeten” their dog’s life with some unusual dietary choices, so make sure you cook the pasta without seasoning. Serve it plain and in moderation. You don’t want to get your dog used to getting pasta in their food. Don’t give pasta more than twice a month to your dog, and make sure you read the ingredient list.

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