Can Dogs Eat Marshmallows

Can Dogs Eat Marshmallows

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Marshmallows are one of America’s favorite treats. Each year we consume around 90 million pounds of these delicious, sugary treats. If you are a dog owner, you probably noticed your dog would love you to share some with them. Before you do that, you need to be sure you know the answer to the question, “Can dogs eat marshmallows?” Here is what you should know?

Can dogs have marshmallows?

The shortest possible answer to this question is - NO. Dogs should not eat marshmallows. There are different types of marshmallows, and all of them offer little to no nutritional value to your canine companion. The “original” marshmallows were made from a plant Althaea Officinalis and were known since ancient Egyptians.

Modern-day marshmallows are different, and they are made from a blend of different sugary things like corn syrup, gelatin, sugar, vanilla extract, and they are coated with cornstarch or confectioners’ sugar. That much sugar is not healthy for us, and your dog should certainly avoid it.

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Why are marshmallows bad for dogs?

Some marshmallows are not toxic to dogs, and your dog might digest them without any issues. However, just because something isn’t bad doesn’t mean it is good. If your dog eats a marshmallow you dropped on the floor, or even if you decided to give them one, your dog would most likely have no visible issues. However, constantly feeding your dog marshmallows can lead to several health issues.


Too much sweet food will lead to canine obesity. This is a growing problem in the US, and nearly 60% of our dogs are overweight. Obesity will significantly shorten your dog’s life and leave them with all sorts of health issues. You can read more about this problem here - Obesity in dogs.


Another rising health concern that goes hand in hand with obesity is canine diabetes. Overfeeding your dog on food as sweet as marshmallows might lead to diabetes, and you shouldn’t risk your dog’s health just because you cannot resist them begging you for some food.


The problems and concerns we mentioned above are only worrying if your dog gets ahold of marshmallows that do not contain xylitol. If they get their paws on marshmallows with xylitol, that should be your immediate concern. This artificial sweetener is highly toxic to dogs, and even the smallest amounts can have tragic consequences. If you notice your dog ate something that contains xylitol, you should call your vet immediately and treat it as an emergency.


What should I do if my dog ate marshmallows?

The first thing you should do if your dog eats something potentially harmful like raisins, xylitol, or chocolate, is to remain as calm as possible. The next thing you should do is call your vet, an animal ER, or Pet Poison Helpline (855) 764-7661. There are a few things they might advise you, and it will depend on whether you had seen when your dog ate marshmallows and what type of marshmallow your dog ate.

If you are sure about the exact time your dog ate marshmallows, and it is within 45 minutes, your vet might suggest you keep a close eye on your dog for any signs of gastrointestinal distress like vomiting, diarrhea, blockage, and lack of appetite. However, if your dog ate marshmallows that contain xylitol, they might tell you to make your dog vomit. You can learn how to do that safely here - How to make a dog throw up?

If you are unsure about the exact time your dog ingested marshmallows or what type they were, they will most likely advise you to come in for a check-up. They will most likely “clear” your dog’s stomach to prevent any gastrointestinal problems and potential xylitol poisoning.

What if my dog really loves marshmallows?

Just because your dog loves sweet treats doesn’t mean you should give them to your dog. There are a lot of healthier treats you can share with your dog. Dogs love fruits and veggies, and getting them a slice of an apple or a watermelon is a lot safer and healthier.

Want to know more about healthy things you can feed your dog? Check out this article - Healthy fruits dogs can eat.

Marshmallows are for humans, and even we should be very careful about how much of them we actually eat. Other than being sweet, there is not much these treats offer us. Overeating on marshmallows is actually very bad, and you should not feed them to your dog.

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