Can Dogs Eat Ice? Is It Safe For Them?

Can Dogs Eat Ice? Is It Safe For Them?

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During summer, we all seek a different ways to keep ourselves cool. The same thing applies to our dogs. Summer can be especially hard for them, even if you don’t own a longhaired dog breed. The dogs will also seek different ways to cool themselves down. If you often use ice cubes to cool your drinks, maybe you had some thinking and asked yourself: Can dogs eat ice? At first, it could seem like a good idea because the ice will help them cool down. But, should you let your dog eat ice, or would it be better not to do it? Stay with us and find out.

Is ice bad for dogs?

In general, ice will not hurt your dog. However, you must be careful when giving your dog some. Dogs with problems with their teeth, those with dental work, etc., should avoid eating ice because it could only worsen the situation with their teeth. Also, you must be careful, especially with small dogs; if you give them a big ice cube, there is a risk of choking. When giving your dog some ice cubes, ensure they are small enough. The best thing you can do to remove this threat is to crush the ice.

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So..dogs can eat ice cubes?

Yes, dogs can eat ice cubes and cool themselves down. You can even put ice cubes in their water bowl for extra refreshment. Ice cubes will not provide your dog with anything beneficial from a nutrition standpoint but will help cool your dog during hot summer days.

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How to safely give ice cubes to your dog?

We recommend you give your dog some crushed ice since it will remove the choking threat. This is especially true with small dog breeds and puppies. If you decide to give your dog ice cubes, make sure that you are always around and that you can supervise them while they enjoy ice cubes.

Can I give ice cubes to my puppy to help him with teething?

Giving your puppy ice to help him with teething is not recommended or a good idea. If you give your puppy some ice cubes, there is a choking hazard and potential problems with their teeth. Their teeth could easily break while they try to chew on ice cubes.

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The better and safer option is to give your puppy some chewing toys specially designed to help with teething. That way, you can be sure that you will not cause more health problems for your new puppy.

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Will ice cause choking for my dog?

There is a possibility that ice cubes will cause choking in your dog. Because of that, you must always supervise your dog if you decide to give him some ice. With crushed ice, you can be sure that your dog has no choking hazards.

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Will ice cool your dog?

Eating ice will be more of a fun activity than it will cool your dog down completely. To ensure that you properly cool your dog down, you should offer him plenty of fresh and clean water, wet his paws and belly with cool water, and always provide him with a shaded area. If possible, you should take your dog to an area with air-conditioning to help him with heat.

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Heat stroke is especially dangerous in dogs, it can happen very fast and without any warning, and you should be extra careful during hot days. If you assume your dog has a heat stroke, immediately contact your vet and rush to the nearest vet clinic. If you act fast, you can potentially save your dog’s life.


If your dog enjoys ice cubes, you can safely give him some. Ice will not completely cool the dog down, but it will be a fun activity for your dog to chew ice cubes. If you have a smaller dog or a puppy, you should be careful if you decide to give him some ice cubes because your dog could potentially damage his teeth, or in the worst-case scenario, ice cubes can cause choking. Give your dog some crushed ice, and you can be sure that your dog will not choke.

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